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How do I import numbers?

Importing numbers is done from within the numbers module.

To perform this task, you will need a CSV file containing the numbers and metadata you wish to import. The quickest way to create this CSV file is to export an existing group of numbers and use that file as a template to create the import file. How to Export Numbers?

Note: When exporting your numbers, please ensure to export numbers for the same ‘Application Type’ you wish to import the numbers for. Once your CSV file is complete, please return here.

To import numbers in bulk, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Numbers module of the platform (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
  2. Choose the ‘Application Type’  from the dropdown menu located top left of the page (the application type is set to PSTN Conference Quality by default).
  3. Click the Vertical Ellipsis Icon and select Import from the menu options (this is located top right of the page).
  4. Click Choose File in the popup window in order to find and select the CSV file you wish to import from your computer. After you have chosen the file you wish to import click the Update button.
  5. After you have chosen the file you wish to import click the Update button to complete your task.Bulk_Import_1-1


  1. If the import file contains any errors you will be alerted to them in a new window. You must add or edit the information on the CSV file and then repeat Step 4.
  2. If you receive the error “Number of fields is incorrect. There should be ‘X’ fields in the file”, please ensure that you have selected the correct application type in Step 2 before importing the CSV file again.

Results: The page will refresh and the numbers you have imported will now be available to view when you load the numbers for the correct ‘Application Type’ in the numbers module.

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