February Release Notes 2023

Greetings and welcome to the February edition of Spearline’s release notes!

This month, we have some exciting news for all our Slack users – the introduction of Slack Interactive Alert, a new feature that is certain to save you time and streamline your workflow. Our website has also had a makeover, with a new Knowledge Base Archive and an improved global coverage page. And for those who need a helping hand, our new archive is accessible directly from the Voice Assure platform.

And that’s not all – new mobile testing locations, and additional capabilities for Webhook alerting are all added to the mix. Read on to learn more…

New Feature: Slack Interactive Alert

Alert interactivity for Slack channels allows users to redial numbers and view recent number history directly from an alert, making it easier for customers to resolve issues, saving time. 

  1. Interactive: Alerts are interactive, containing action buttons that give the user the option to;
    • Dial the number via Voice Assure Realtime directly from Slack.
    • View the recent history of the number.
  1. Real-time communication: Slack allows users to send and receive messages in real time, making it an effective tool for interactive alerts, as users can respond quickly and efficiently to notifications.
  2. Customizable notification settings: Users can customize their notification settings to receive alerts only for specific channels or keywords, ensuring they are only notified of the most relevant information.
  3. Mobile apps: Slack offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to receive alerts and respond to them on the go.
  4. Searchability: All the data in Slack is searchable, making it easy to find and reference past conversations, mentions, and alerts.

Read more about Spearline Interactive Alerts on Slack and see if they could be the right fit for your business today!

Follow Up Alerting is now available via Webhook

Follow-up alerts can now be received for customers using Webhooks as their main source of alerting. Previously customers needed to receive follow-up alerts by email. Now fail alerts and follow-up alerts can both be received through a Webhook payload, making it easier than ever to automate your failure workflow programmatically.

Website updates

We have been busy making changes to the spearline.com website to improve the experience of our customers.

  • Knowledge Base Archive: We’ve added a new Knowledge Base Archive. The main purpose of this archive is to provide information on Spearline products and to reduce the need for customers to contact support by providing quick and easy access to accurate and up-to-date information such as user guides, articles, and the latest product updates.
  • Global Coverage Page: We have improved our global coverage page to provide clearer information about the locations where we provide testing infrastructure and the benefits of having local infrastructure in-country. A new interactive map now provides a drill-down function that lets users view our mobile and landline coverage​ around the globe.

New testing locations

Our first new countries of 2023! Spearline is happy to announce two new locations to our mobile testing network. That’s right, we’re taking over the world, one country at a time.

  • Nicaragua
  • Angola

We now support 94 Fixed Line Carriers, are partnered with 165 mobile networks, and have a presence in 131 locations.

To read more about our coverage see our new global coverage page in all its glory.

Platform updates

The new Knowledge Base Archive hosted on spearline.com can now be accessed from the Voice Assure platform by clicking the Help button. The button can be found on all pages of the Voice Assure platform in the upper right corner, next to the Log Out button.

February Release Notes 2023 - Help Section
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