February Release Notes 2022

New Feature – 08/02/2022 : Snooze Alerts

What is the new feature about?

A new ’Snooze Alerts’ toggle button has been added to the Numbers Module to enable users to turn off/on alerts for individual numbers manually and directly to ease the process for the user.

What has changed after the new feature release?

A toggle button will now be visible within the numbers section, enabling the user to toggle alerts off/on for each number individually, and also set a timeout date for the alerts to be restarted if necessary.

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How is it going to make any difference for customers?

By removing the need to contact the Spearline support team or your Spearline manager, removing certain numbers from alerting has become a lot simpler, quicker, and user-friendly. Automation provides further benefits by allowing you to set a date and time for the number(s) to be added back into alerting.

What can customers take advantage of?

An easy, short and quick process with automation enabled. A user-friendly workflow now enables users to configure individual custom snooze alert intervals for numbers of their choice and set a timeout, after which the Alerts will be automatically restarted again.

Bug Fix – 16/02/2022 : Optimized platform loading time

What was the Bug?

Because of the enormous amount of data available on the platform, it worked slowly, and it took around 10s to load anything you clicked on. It was quite difficult and time consuming to work this way.

What problem was the Bug creating?

It created inconvenience while uploading numbers, creating campaigns, and loading data, making the platform work slowly.

What became better after the Bug got solved?

The performance of the platform was improved to enable data to load faster, which makes using the platform less tiring and consumes less time. Also, it gives a better customer experience.

What difference will it create now?

Part of the fix was to remove the pre-loading of data in drop-down menus. Any lists which now contain 200 or more entries will require the user to start typing first before the list begins to populate. This helps to narrow down the presented data, which in turn increases the platform response time.

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