Dialing a Number

Note: Supported Browsers | Voice Assure Realtime is fully compatible with Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. Other internet browsers may cause issues with the layout or may cause unknown issues with functionality.

To dial a number, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Voice Assure Realtime’ module and follow the steps as illustrated below (Voice Assure Realtime is located here in the left navigation menu on the platform).
    Figure: How to Dial a Number
    1. Choose Route: Select PSTN or GSM as the type of line through which you would like to place your call.
    2. Country: Select the Country you wish to dial from.
    3. Number Type: Select the type of number you are dialing (Toll, Toll Free, etc…)
      • Expected Result: The country code will populate the number field automatically.
    4. Provider: Choose the network provider and location that you wish to dial from when placing your call.

      The ‘Provider’ drop-down will be populated with all available network providers and locations for the country you have selected. If no selection is made the call will be placed using the default provider set for that country.

    5. Enter Phone Number: Use the on-screen number pad with your mouse or trackpad to enter the number you wish to dial or, simply paste the number directly into the number field to the right of the country code.
      • Step Troubleshoot: If entered by mistake, you have the option to delete the last digit entered by pressing the delete button. This is the X icon located along the right edge of the softphone. Alternatively, you can highlight and delete any numbers you wish with the use of your mouse or trackpad.
    6. Call Number: Press the green Call button to dial the number you have entered.

Restricted Countries: Please note, If you are dialing to a country that restricts audio streaming due to law then you will be prompted with a message after pressing the call button, which states;

“Your call has been sent to the server. After just a few minutes, you will have the call recording available here”

The recording will be displayed in the reporting table once the call is complete and the recording has been uploaded to our servers. From there, you can listen to the audio or download the audio file to your local computer.

Result: Each stage of the call flow will be confirmed on the screen as it moves from ‘Dialing’ to ‘Ringing’ to ‘Call Connected’.

Figure: Call Flow Progress
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