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DDI Configuration (Direct dial-in)

DDI Module

Configure ‘Direct Dial-in’ options for conference call testing.

Direct dial-in (DDI) or direct inward dialing (DID) as it is also known, is used by Spearline to allow direct connection to a conference bridge. Connecting directly to the bridge as the host or moderator allows Spearline to complete our audio quality testing by entering the conference using a specific dial-in number and passcode which are mapped together here in the DDI Module.

Figure: The DDI Module
  1. DDI Module(this can be found here in the DDI tab, top of the page under the Numbers Module).
  2. Filters – (search for any Phonegroups, Regions or Bridges using filters).
  3. Change DDI Button (this is used to set or change a DDI number or its associated IVR Traversal).
  4. Delete Icon  – (this is used to delete the Bridge DDI number and the associated IVR that is mapped to that number).
  5. DDI Table – (here you can see a list of all entries including a summary of the DDI number and IVR traversal if they have been assigned).
  6. Pagination – (here you can see how many pages are present and navigate through them if necessary).

Set or Change a DDI

Map a specific conference number to be used as a DDI. Each phonegroup can only have one DDI number mapped. Any numbers that are using the same phonegroup will use this DDI.

  • Note: Before you begin this task you will need to have at least one conference number added to the numbers section in order to map a DDI for use. Phonegroups are created when adding conference numbers to the platform. If no phonegroup exists, the DDI list will be empty!

How to set or change a DDI number:

  1. Navigate to the DDI module here (this is nested in a tab which is located along the top of the page under the ‘Numbers’ module).
  2. Search the list using the filters provided to find the Phonegroup, Region or Bridge you wish to map the DDI number to.
  3. Click the Change DDI button (this is located on the right hand side of the DDI list view).
  4. Search for available numbers assigned to that phonegroup and use the Radio Button to select the number/country you wish to use.
  5. Select the IVR Traversal to be used on the DDI using the ‘DDI IVR Traversal’ drop-down menu.
    Note: If no IVR traversal is selected for the DDI here it will revert to the IVR traversal that was set when the conference number you have selected was first entered into the platform.
  6. Click the Submit button to complete your task.

Result: The page will return to the DDI list view where you can search for the Phonegroup, Region or Bridge and view the DDI Number/DDI IVR Traversal you have set.

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