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Changing your password is quick. You can change your password at any time from the Admin section.

Note: In order to change your password you need to know your current password and you need to be logged into the platform. If you have forgotten your password and you are locked out of your account you will need to reset your password.

To change your password, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ module  (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
  2. Use the search box at the top of the list to find the user you want. Enter a full or partial name or email address (e.g. Joe or
  3. Click the Key Icon  (this is located in the ‘Actions’ column on the right of the table).
  4. Enter your current Old password first followed by your New password (this should be entered 2 times to ensure there is no spelling error) and then click the Update button.
  5. If successful you will receive a confirmation message to let you know that your password has been successfully changed.
  6. Your task is complete.

Results: You can now log in to the platform using your new password.

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