Call Recordings

Call recordings are available for all test types apart from connection tests. Once a call is complete, the call recording is uploaded to the platform for playback or download at any time.

Tip! Before searching for a call recording you will need to have the ‘Recording’ column added on the Dashboard you are using in order to see the Speaker Icon 
This does not apply to the Voice Assure Realtime reporting table!

  • Add/Remove Data Columns
  • To download or listen to a call recording, do the following:

    1. Search the reporting table for the test call that you would like to hear the recording of.
    2. Click the Speaker Icon  to listen to the recording (this can be located in the ‘Recording’ column if you’re viewing the Analytics Dashboard or the ‘Actions’ column if viewing on Voice Assure Realtime).Note:
      1. Voice Assure Realtme: If the Speaker Icon is Grey  it means that the recording has not uploaded yet. Wait a few minutes and check again.

        Tip! If the call state returns as ‘Busy’ a call recording may not be available.

      2. Voice Assure In-Country: If you’re unable to see the ‘Recording‘ column on your dashboard please ensure that you have made the ‘Recording’ column visible in the Add/Remove columns section.
    3. Click the Play button to listen to the recording or Click the Vertical Ellipsis Iconon the right of the player to find the download option to save the file on your computer or laptop.

    Results: Your call recording will open up in a new tab where you can listen and scrub through the recording or download it if needed.

    Figure: Media Player
    Figure: Download Option
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