Call Actions

After a number has been dialed, you have some actions which you can use on the call.

  1. Call Mute
  2. Call Hold
  3. Show Dialpad (IVR Navigation)
  4. Terminate a Call

Mute the Call

How to mute a live call.

To mute the audio on a call, do the following:

  1. Press the Mute button at any time during a call to mute your microphone so the called party cannot hear you speak.
  2. Press the Mute button again at any time to UN-mute the call.

Result: The called party will not be able to hear your voice again until you UN-mute the call. During this time you will still be able to hear the audio from called party.

Place the Call on Hold.

How to place a call on hold.

To place a call on hold, do the following:

  1. Press the Call Hold button at any time during a call to place the called party on hold.
  2. Press the call Hold button again at any time to enable both people to hear each other again.


The called party will be placed on hold. You will be unable to hear the called party and they will be unable to hear you.

Show the Dialpad

The Dialpad is useful when you need to make choices which are presented by an Auto Attendants or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems OR when you need to enter PINs and Access codes.

To reveal the Dialpad, do the following:

  1. Press the Dial button at any time during the call to show or hide the dial-pad.
  2. Click any number using the onscreen dial-pad in order to make your selection or enter the desired number(s).

Result: The corresponding DTMF (Dual-tone Multi-frequency) tone will be sent for each number that is clicked.

Cancel the Call

To terminate a call at any stage press the Cancel Call button.

To terminate a call in progress, do the following:

  1. Press the Cancel Call button at any time during a call to Cancel/Hang up the call.

  2. Your task is complete.

Result: A ‘Call Terminating’ message will appear when you have Canceled/Hung up the Call.

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