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IVR Navigation – Restricted Countries

One issue with countries where audio streaming is forbidden is that because we cannot stream audio for these countries, we cannot interact with the call in real time. For this reason, we have added an Add IVR button so that you can create an IVR Traversal that will navigate through the call for you. The recording of the call will then be displayed in the reporting table once the call is complete and the recording has been uploaded. From there, you can listen to the audio or download the audio file to your local machine.

In order to complete this task, you must first know how to dial a number. If you do not know how to dial a number, please use the link here to learn more – Dialing a Number

Automated IVR Traversals are a prerequisite when navigating an IVR in a country where audio streaming is forbidden.

IVR Traversals are unnecessary if you only wish to test the connectivity of the number.

IVR Traversals are unnecessary for countries that are not restricted as these IVRs can be navigated in real-time using the on-screen dial-pad.

List of Restricted Countries:

  • China (CHN)
  • India (IND)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

How to Add an IVR Traversal

  1. Navigate to the ‘Voice Assure Realtime’ module  and follow the steps as illustrated below (Voice Assure Realtime is located here in the left navigation menu on the platform).
    1. Complete the usual steps for dialling a number (add the Route, Country, Toll Type, Provider and Number to the softphone).
    2. Click the blue Add IVR button to bring up the ‘IVR Traversal’ dialog box.

  1. Follow the steps as illustrated below to complete your IVR creation.
    1. Choose Command: Choose the ‘Wait’ or ‘Send DTMFs’ IVR command from the drop-down menu; – Wait (this command is for entering the wait time in seconds that should be allowed before or after any ‘DTMF’ commands). – Send DTMFs (this command is for entering the DTMF tones you wish to send before or after any ‘Wait’ times (e.g 2572678).
    2. Command Value: Input a value for your chosen command (e.g Wait = 15 or Send DTMFs = 2572678).
    3. Add Command: Click the Add button to add the command you have created. Result: The IVR command you have just created will populate the IVR preview window underneath. Repeat steps a, b, and c until the IVR traversal is complete.
    4. Troubleshooting: If the IVR preview is not correct you can use the Clear last line button or the Clear all text button to make changes.
    5. Add IVR: When you are happy with your IVR Traversal click the Add IVR button to return back to the realtime softphone.
  2. Press the Call button to begin dialing the number using the IVR Traversal you have created.
  3. Follow the steps as illustrated below to complete your IVR creation.
  4. Your task is now complete.

Results: If you have;

  1. Dialed a country that restricts audio streaming, your call recording will be available for download after the call has been completed.
  2. Dialed any other country, you will be connected to the call in realtime after the last automated IVR command has been entered.
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