August Release Notes 2023

It’s that time again folks where we round up the most interesting changes to the platform over the last few weeks and present them to you in short delicious bites. From new features to new testing locations we’ve got something for everyone. So, fasten your seatbelts (or should we say Ethernet cables?) because Release Notes Aug ’23 are here, and they’re hotter than a malfunctioning laptop charger on a summer day!

New Features:

  • Fast Check: First up, let us introduce you to our brand-spankin’-new feature: “Fast Check.” This new feature provides a simple solution that will allow users to quickly check the status (connected or not) of multiple numbers. This allows users to perform one-time connection tests on up to 2000 numbers to verify whether or not they are connecting successfully. That’s right, folks, we’re giving you the ability to confirm your connections faster than you can say “Are we connected yet?”

    You can learn more about the new Fast Check feature here
  • Followup Alerting for Fax: Followup testing can now be applied for Fax testing. The follow-up alert policy is used to initiate a series of automatic follow up tests on a number once any kind of failure has been identified. After follow-up tests have been completed, if the conditions configured within the alert policy are met, only then is an alert sent out along with a report containing all test results. This can avoid unnecessary alerts being sent due to temporary issues or intermittent outages.


  • New Locations: From the UK to Luxembourg, Argentina to Peru, we’ve expanded like a bakery on National Donut Day. So, wherever you are, we’ve got you covered. New lines are now available in 11 new locations.
  • New Navigation Options (One UI): No more getting lost in the labyrinth of our products. We’ve got a nifty “Other Products” button to help you seamlessly switch between them.
    The ‘Other Products’ button will allow users who are using one or more of our products to switch between those products quickly and easily, while also providing useful information about other available products that may be suited to your business needs.

    You can read more about the One UI update here


  • New messages when Importing Numbers: Confirmation and error messages are now clearer when adding, deleting or updating numbers using the number import feature. It is now stated clearly how many numbers are successfully imported, and in cases where errors are preventing a successful upload, these are stated in the error message to help identify and fix the errors that are preventing the upload.
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