August Release Notes 2021

Bugs that have been squashed.

8/8/2021 – Improvements to the connection rate calculations following platform changes

What was the bug?

Previously, test calls that timed out due to “No Answer” were considered as ‘Busy’ calls. Recently there was a change to the platform that enabled “Busy” calls to be labelled as either ‘Busy’ or ‘No Answer’ based on the call data in order to provide extra information to our customers regarding the genuine reason for a connection failure. After this change, tests which failed due to the fail state “No Answer” were not included in the “Connection Rate” calculations.

What problem was the bug creating?

This was creating a dissimilarity between the visible and literal connection rate. After the call state “No Answer” was added as a separate reason for a connection failure, it was not calculated within the ‘CONNECTION FAILURE’ section of the failed tests statistics on the Default Dashboard and hence the untrue failure percentage was visible. This lead to confusion when trying to understand the true extent and reason of connection failures.

What was changed after the bug was fixed?

As it is now included, it will become easier to understand the real reason and the actual % rate for call failures.

What difference will it create now?

Customers will be provided extra information as to the genuine reason for a connection failure.

Connection Failure Calculations


19/8/2021 – Dashboard Font Issue

What was the Bug?

A different font was visible on the Platform’s header initially, but later, the original font was displayed. In some cases, there was a failure in loading the original font, which led to a substitute font being used.

What problem was the Bug creating?

Not something big to be considered, but it was affecting the default fonts visible on the platform.

What was changed after the bug was fixed?

The platform was seen as it was before without any inconvenience.

What difference will it create now?

The original font is displayed correctly without the bug of the temporary font.

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