April Release Notes 2023

It’s that time again, folks – when we unleash our latest batch of updates and hope they don’t make things worse.

In this edition, we’re excited to announce several new features and updates aimed at improving usability and functionality. Notable additions include a new SIP Trunk Import feature, improvements to Slack Alerts, and fail alerts for custom SIP response codes. Additionally, the dashboard analytics table now includes provider name information for Voice Assure Realtime tests, and we’ve completed the first milestone of transitioning to our new REST APIs.

Platform Features:

Feature: SIP Trunk Import

A new bulk import option is now available when adding SIP trunk details in the SIP Route Tester. This feature aims to save time and effort for users by enabling them to import multiple SIP trunk and carrier details simultaneously.

  • Import multiple SIP trunk details simultaneously to save time.
  • Import multiple carrier details simultaneously to save time
  • Export multiple SIP trunk details to enable offline bulk editing.
  • Export multiple carrier details to enable offline bulk editing.

Feature: Slack Alerts Functionality has been Improved

We have improved the Slack Alerts functionality by adding a new button feature that allows users to view any follow-up test CDRs directly on the Voice Assure Platform. This means Slack follow-up alerts will now contain clear information outlining only the original failed call sample with the added ability to view the follow-up CDRs on the Platform with the click of a button.

  • Redial Number (Dial the number via Voice Assure Realtime directly from Slack).
  • Number History (View the recent history of the number).
  • Follow-Up Records (view follow-up test CDRs).
Figure: Slack Follow-up Alerts
Figure: Slack Alerts – Follow-up CDRs

More information on Spearline’s interactive Slack alerts and their benefits can be found here.

Feature: Fail alerts are now available for custom SIP response codes

Fail alerts are now available for specific SIP response codes when running SIP tests. This means that alerts can now be sent based on the SIP response code that is received as well as any other call failures.

Feature: Follow-up testing is now available for the SIP Route Tester

It is now possible to run follow-up testing and alerting for specific SIP response codes when completing SIP tests. Follow-up alerting can be configured to test again in the event of a failure and alert if any SIP response codes received match those that are specified along with other call failures in the alerting policy.

Platform Updates:

Updated: The analytics table now includes provider name information

Users of Voice Assure Realtime with Provider Selection can now view the name of the provider which was used on each call when viewing the analytics dashboard. Prior to this update, users had to match the CLI information shown in the analytics with that of Spearline’s carrier partners to identify the carrier used. With this new addition, users can quickly and easily identify the carrier used on each call, without the need for time-consuming matching processes.

Figure: Analytics Dashboard – Provider Name Column

Updated: Next-Generation API

We are currently in the process of transitioning to our new REST APIs which will be used in version 6 of the Voice Assure platform. We have now completed the first milestone of this transition. By transitioning to the Next-Generation API, the Voice Assure platform aims to provide users with a more robust and efficient API that can better support their needs.

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