Add User

Add new users to the platform.

Note: You will need to be logged into the platform with Full Access rights in order to complete this task.

To add a new user, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add User’ dialog box as outlined below.
    1. Navigate to the ‘Admin’ module  (this can be found here in the left hand navigation menu).
    2. Click on the Add User button  (located top right of the screen).
    3. The ‘Add User’ dialog box is then revealed.
  2. Complete the setup in the dialog box as outlined below.
    1. Name – This is the name of the new user.
    2. Email – This is the email address of the new user.
    3. Department – This is optional metadata regarding the new users department.
    4. SMS – This is optional metadata regarding the new users contact number.
    5. Country Code – This is optional metadata in relation to the SMS contact field.
    6. Timezone – This is the timezone that the new user will be working in.
    7. Role Status – This sets the user rights access (Full Access, Realtime Access or Reporting Access).
    8. Status – This will set the new user to Active or Inactive once added.
    9. After Save – This must be set to Add new user.
    10. Update – Click the Update button to complete your task.
  3. The user has now been added and your task is complete.

Result: The new user will receive an email containing their login details which should be updated by the user as soon as possible for security reasons.

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