Add Inbound IVR

Inbound IVR traversals automatically navigate through interactive voice response systems when placing test calls.

To add an inbound IVR, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add IVR’ dialog box as outlined below.
    Figure: Navigation to the ‘Add IVR’ dialog box
    1. Navigate to the ‘IVR Traversal’ module (this is nested here in a tab which is located along the top of the page under the ‘Numbers’ module ).
    2. Click the Add IVR button to bring up the dialog box  (this is located top right of the screen).
  2. Fill out the fields in the ‘Add IVR’ dialog box as outlined below.

    Figure: The ‘Add IVR’ dialog box
    1. Name: (give your IVR traversal a name).
    2. IVR Traversal:(choose an IVR command to add from the drop-down menu)
      • Wait (this command is for entering a wait time in seconds between your DTMF commands)
      • Send DTMF’s (this command is for entering the DTMF tones you wish to send e.g 2572#)
    3. Value: (enter a value for your chosen command e.g Wait = 15 or DTMF = 2572#).
    4. Add: (click the Add button to add the command you have created).
      Result: The IVR command you have just entered will populate the IVR preview window underneath.
    5. Troubleshooting: If the IVR preview is not correct you can edit the preview by using the Clear last line button or the Clear all text button to make changes. Repeat steps b, c and d until the IVR traversal is complete.
    6. Description: Optional – (enter an optional description for your IVR).
    7. After Save: – The after save menu gives you 2 options to choose from;
      1 – Add a new IVR – This will simply dismiss the window and add the newly created IVR Traversal
      2 – Edit this IVR – This will add the newly created IVR Traversal while keeping the current window open to make any further edits.
    8. Update: Click the Update button to complete your task.
  3. Your task is complete.
Results: The page will revert back to the IVR overview. Your IVR will now be available to use when adding new numbers to the platform or when setting up campaigns.
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