Add a Time Group

Note: Time groups are a prerequisite when running tests. In the following task, you will learn how to set up a standard time group.

To create a time group, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add Timegroup’ dialog box as outlined below.
    Figure: Navigation to the ‘Add Timegroup’ dialog box
    1. Navigate to the ‘Timegroups’ module here (this is nested in a tab which can be located along the top of the page under the ‘Campaigns’ module).
    2. Click the Add Timegroup button  (this is located top right of the screen).
  2. Complete Sub-steps a-g as outlined below.
    Figure: Time Groups Configuration Window
    1. Name: Give your timegroup a name. This will appear in the timegroups overview and in all drop-down menus where you will select timegroups or time constraints.
    2. Interval: Use the drop-down menu to set the frequency of your tests e.g minutes, hours, days, weeks, months etc..
      Note: This interval is only used for Campaigns. It does not affect any ‘Time Matrix’ which may be set for rolling tests.
    3. Run on days: Use the checkboxes to select the days on which you would like the campaign to run.
    4. Date Slot: Select both a start and end date in the fields provided before clicking the Add button to save the date slot.
      Note: You can also choose not to have an end date by using the checkbox provided.
    5. Time Slot: Use the sliders to select the time-frame for the tests to run e.g Between 08:00 + 18:00 Hours. Click the Add button to save your selection.
      Note: Use the radio buttons to indicate if you would like the tests to run ‘Outside’ the times you have set. Choosing ‘Inside’ will run the tests between the times selected. Choosing ‘Outside’ will run the test outside the times you have chosen.
    6. This field is only used when editing a timegroup. This field will present warnings if editing a timegroup will affect other campaigns which may be using the timegroup.
    7. Save: When you are happy with your timegroup click the Save button to complete your task.
  3. Your task is complete.
Results: The page will revert back to the timegroups list view. Your new timegroup will now be available to use when adding new numbers, rolling tests or setting up campaigns.
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