About Fast Check

This feature provides a simple solution that will allow users to quickly check the status (connected or not) of multiple numbers. This allows users to perform one-time connection tests to large groups of numbers to verify whether or not they are connecting successfully

The Problem

When porting numbers from one carrier to another issues can arise that can prevent numbers from connecting successfully. Furthermore, these issues may not immediately be apparent unless the assigned numbers have been registered and are in use. 

Some issues associated with porting include;

  1. Temporary Loss of Service: There might be a brief period during the porting process when a phone number is not operational. This could disrupt communication with customers and partners, potentially leading to financial and reputational losses.
  2. Delays: Porting a number might take longer than expected due to administrative processes, technical glitches, or other factors. This delay can disrupt communication during the transition.
  3. Incorrect Information: If the information provided during the porting request, such as the account number or PIN, is incorrect or doesn’t match the existing carrier’s records, the porting process might fail.
  4. Unassigned Numbers: If a number has been ported it may not be assigned and put in service for a period of time. In these instances users may not discover that an issue is present until the number is registered and someone tries to dial it.

The Benefit of the Feature

If there are any connectivity issues or disruptions following a porting process, confirming connections allows you to quickly detect and address them. This helps minimize downtime and potential communication disruptions.

  1. Peace of Mind: Confirming connections provides peace of mind that the porting process was successful and that you’re not missing any important calls, messages, or updates due to potential issues. Results are emailed directly to the creator or the test.
  2. Stand Alone Service: This service is separate to the ‘Numbers’ module. A new module will allow customers to upload files containing anywhere between 2 and 2000 numbers with minimal information required (Number, Toll Type, Country).
  3. Quick Issue Resolution: If you notice any issues during the confirmation process, you can promptly address and resolve them, reducing any potential delays or disruptions.
  4. Self- Service: Users can access this testing capability anytime, and utilize it whenever they need In-Country Experience Assurance
  5. In-Country Experience Assurance: Verification that all phone numbers are accessible from local, in-country phone lines
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