Telco carriers Measuring performance of your downstream carriers

It's not enough now to compete on price.  Customers are increasingly focused on quality and they won't think twice about switching carriers to get it.


Solutions for telco carriers Choose the product that’s right for your organisation


Voice Assure

Proactive monitoring of audio quality and connectivity

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Fax Assure

Verification of connection, fax-tone and handshake

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SMS Assure

Confirming delivery and receipt in SMS applications

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Solutions tuned to your needs

The Spearline network has physical telephony servers in the markets you need, connected to the carrier networks your customers use.  Servers are connected to fixed-line ISDN/SIP as well as GSM networks which allow us to dial your local contact numbers in-country, replicating your customers' experience from wherever they are in the world.


Automated testingAutomated in-country testing of high volumes of global contact numbers

Set your own testing cycles, completely customised to your business needs.



First to knowReal-time alerts on customer impacting issues

Our proactive alerts mean that you are the first to know about customer-impacting issues - so you can get to work on fixing issues quickly with the data you need for troubleshooting



Global Presence Perform in-country testing in over 70 countries

With a physical presence in over 70 countries - the only solution replicating your customer’s experience with such large coverage


proactive testing and monitoringMeasure what matters


Test for connection success or failure, which could mean the difference between a delighted customer or a lost customer

Audio Quality

Replicate your customers’ experience and measure audio quality with objective, industry standards

Post Dial Delay

Measure the delay between the start of the call and when it’s answered, accurately, highlighting any quality issues

Touch Tone

Check if DTMF (touch tones) are failing for your customers


Replicate the customer call flow and quantify the amount of latency your customers experience

Performance Benchmarking

Set and achieve quality goals based on historical performance and on benchmarked indicators

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Arnie Chencinski

"I now see objective voice quality PESQ scores on every number we test - visibility I didn't have before we started Spearline. "

Arnie Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer Zoom Video Communications

Rosie Scott

"Spearline provides first rate audio quality testing tools that allow us to enhance our customers' experience. I cannot overstate the value of their solutions."

Rosie Scott, PGI Director of Vendor Management - EMEA PGI

Gregor Rennie

"The platform has been exceptional in our ability to drive carrier improvements, customer fault investigations and alerting of any country issues."

Gregor Rennie , EMEA Carrier Account Manager, Intrado

Stamatios Papadatos

"Spearline has been a tremendous partner, enabling us to provide more proactive early detection services, associated with international line incidents that enable a more proactive approach to resolving customer line quality issues in various countries throughout the world. "

Stamatios Papadatos, CCS NAO IT Telecom Lead Architect Atos

Helen Scahill

"Spearline monitoring enables us to proactively manage the service availability of our globally dispersed customer contact numbers. In the event of a service interruption, Spearline's alerts notify our regional NOC teams in real time, with call detail records included to expedite the mean time to restore service. "

Helen Scahill, Intel Service Delivery Manager  Intel

Maximilian May

"Since we started working with Spearline we have found them to be a tremendous partner. Undergoing several large migration and restructuring projects for our communication systems, we utilized Spearline’s automated monitoring features to transform from a mostly reactive approach to a proactive one."

Maximilian May, Technical Lead, Telephony TeamViewer

Alain Rodriguez

"Spearline offers a quicker detection of issues and faster turnaround times that require less human resources."

Alain Rodriguez, Technical Support Lead Global Call Forwarding

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Support the management of complex networks with Spearline tools to focus on customer experience.

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