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Our platform automatically tests high volumes of toll and toll-free numbers with automated alerts for non-functioning numbers. We monitor, measure, analyse, report and perfect your numbers performance. Our tests emulate every aspect of a call flow from connectivity to audio quality to DTMF functionality. Spearline uses the ITU standard PESQ to measure and analyse audio quality. CDR info along with test audio forces ownership of carrier issues reducing downtime & expediting carrier RCA. It allows customers to manage ongoing carrier relationships by holding them to SLAs and make key routing decisions based on objective reporting. This allows our customers to have visibility of their customer experience and proactively improve Average Call Handling times.


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Measuring audio quality performance allows customers to measure key components of their telephony infrastructure such as carrier routes and termination points, allowing them to make more informed and strategic business decisions. Audio quality can also be benchmarked on a per country basis using Spearline data. This allows you to view your telephony performance in the context of the industry average, on a per country basis.

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  • Automated failure alerts
  • Benchmark number performance in each country
  • Hold carriers to SLAs
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Worldwide monitoring of mission critical toll and toll-free numbers

Our customer maintains dozens of toll and toll-free numbers worldwide for their sales and customer service functions. When we first approached them they were content with the service they provided and were not aware of any major issues or customer complaints with either numbers failing or poor audio quality. We started to test their most important numbers as a proof of concept and were able to identify immediately some audio quality issues in particular countries. 

Following our advice our customer was able to work with their carriers on areas where transcoding was leading to quality issues.  The numbers were re-tested and showed a 40% increase in audio quality. These numbers are now scheduled for automatic testing as part of our customers overall testing programme and have real time alerts where the quality falls below agreed limits or the numbers fail to work. 

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