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Global Call Forwarding

Find out how Global Call Forwarding have seen a significant improvement in reliability and flexibility since testing their numbers with Spearline.

About Global Call Forwarding 

Global Call Forwarding (GCF) was launched in 2007 with the goal of becoming an exclusive outlet for toll free and local numbers. GCF’s parent company, United World Telecom (UWT), was founded in 1996 and originally operated as a callback service provider. With a growing customer portfolio and increased demand, UWT transitioned to being a call forwarding service provider over time and created GCF in 2007 as a distinctive brand dedicated to providing international toll free and local numbers.

GCF offers the largest selection of local, mobile, and toll free business phone numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide and supports companies in the financial services, healthcare, travel, hospitality, and e-commerce sectors to communicate with their customers around the world.

The Challenge

Service quality is GCF’s top priority. They need to be confident at all times that the services they provide to their customers are fully functional.  As some services can only be accessed from in-country, GCF needed a test and monitoring solution with global reach.

Previously, GCF had contracted a variety of freelancers who would dial their service numbers and complete an assessment of sound quality.  

This wasn’t an ideal scenario for GCF, not only in terms or budget and time, but because it also meant that they were reliant on individuals’ subjective interpretations on what “good” audio quality looked like rather than providing objective, industry-standard data.

The Solution

GCF chose Spearline’s Voice Assure SaaS platform for their global telecommunications assurance, monitoring and testing needs.

Both their technical support, and provisioning teams rely on the Spearline platform on a daily basis. Provisioning is now subject to functional verification using Spearline prior to release as a standardized process and their technical support teams have integrated Spearline into their monitoring strategy and have tied it into their ITSM processes fully. 

According to Alain Rodriguez, Technical Support Lead at GCF:

Spearline offers a quicker detection of issues and faster turnaround times that require less human resources. Overall, we’ve seen a significant improvement in reliability and flexibility since testing our numbers with Spearline. Our preference now is to test our numbers in-house with Spearline rather than hiring freelancers as it gives us much more control. That is really what we've got out of the tool.

Alain Rodriguez, Technical Support Lead at Global Call Forwarding


Time and cost savings.

The most noticeable impacts to GCF have been time and cost-savings.  In the past, GCF had to hire an individual just to test one number, whereas now, they run frequent tests on the Spearline platform which is a fraction of the cost of a freelancer.

No longer reliant on expensive freelancers.

All of GCF’s testing is now carried-out in-house via the Spearline platform. Alain says, “hiring an individual and following up with that person would take us time. In addition, the freelancers that we would hire to test the numbers usually cost significantly more than what it costs to run tests with Spearline.”

Independent and objective audio quality scores.

GCF is no longer reliant on subjective audio quality reports from freelancers as they now receive objective audio quality PESQ scores on every number that they test.

In-country number testing.

The ability to test numbers across various in-country mobile networks has been extremely beneficial to GCF.

A Final Word

GCF now have much more control over how their global customer-facing numbers are tested for connectivity and audio quality as they are no longer reliant on expensive, external freelancers.

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