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Cvent is the leading meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider. Their comprehensive suite of solutions automates and simplifies the entire event management process to maximize the impact of events.

About Cvent

Cvent offers a range of virtual, on-site and hybrid solutions for online event registration and management, venue selection, and marketing. With over 20 years of experience and more than 4,000 employees worldwide, Cvent helps its clients manage millions of meetings and events around the world.

Cvent has more than 30,000 customers globally, 268,000 hotels and venues listed, and has managed 4.4 million events since 1999. Their contact centers handle many thousands of calls daily across multiple countries.

The Challenge

Managing dozens of providers and international toll-free hotline numbers for customer support was a real challenge for Cvent. A key area of concern was that they had no metrics to measure availability or uptime. According to Charles Paguio, Enterprise Services Principal Engineer at Cvent,

“Our team was reactive to clients reporting unreachable numbers. Most of the time we were not able to verify the number’s connectivity due to in-country only dialling limitations. We would have our customers dial in again just to verify and to generate call samples, which is used to troubleshoot with vendors.”

The Solution

Cvent started using Spearline’s Voice Assure product for a select number of their international numbers in 2018 and since then, they have rolled it out across all of their customer contact numbers.

Cvent primarily use Spearline to detect and alert them to any issues with their support numbers through a campaign of automated test calls. Each scheduled test call can be customized based on date, time, cadence, and call flow. Charles says,

Spearline’s global coverage is excellent so we can consolidate everything into the one platform. Generating in-country test calls manually from landline and mobile sources is invaluable for troubleshooting with our providers. In addition, the PESQ scores provided by Spearline help us to evaluate vendors and improve call quality objectively." We have reduced resolution time twofold since working with Spearline. We are now able to share call detail records quickly and generate call samples for troubleshooting with our providers. This is invaluable to Cvent.

Charles Paguio, Enterprise Services Principal Engineer at Cvent


Proactive in detecting issues with their support numbers. This keeps Cvent ahead of client complaints and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Reduced resolution time twofold. Cvent can now share call detail records quickly and generate call samples for troubleshooting with their providers.

Imrpoved visibility on uptime and call quality metrics, which help Cvent manage their providers more effectively.

Easy to install, set up and access. No hardware installation or maintenance is required as Spearline is a web-based, software as service product.

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