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Aircall is an intuitive, powerful, cloud-based business phone system and call centre software solution trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide, such as Hostmaker, Adyen, and SendCloud.

Case Study


Aircall is an intuitive, powerful, cloud-based business phone system and call centre software solution trusted by over 5,000 companies worldwide, such as Hostmaker, Adyen, and SendCloud.

About Aircall

With the ability to instantly create numbers in over 100 countries, Aircall integrates seamlessly with most major CRMs and support tools. Users can manage their entire phone system, set up dynamic and intelligent call queues, create personalised caller journeys, and automatically route calls to the right representative from anywhere in the world.

With $40m in funding already received since 2014, Aircall is predicting a big future as its Paris and New York offices continue to expand.

The Challenge

As a cloud-based call centre solution, Aircall relies heavily on multiple carriers to support their infrastructure and ensure an excellent customer experience.

Aircall previously had little visibility over connectivity and audio quality concerns with some of those suppliers, and was taking calls from customers alerting them to issues. This reactive state was frustrating for customers and support staff alike.

In order to improve customer experience, Aircall executives wanted to be more proactive, detecting issues before a customer was impacted and choosing carriers that offered the highest levels of service.

The Solution

Aircall has described the Spearline offering as a “crystal ball” they use to proactively monitor outside their network and spot problems before they happen.

Using our network of in-country servers, the team was able to replicate their customers’ call flow. When an issue with connection, audio quality or other functionality is identified, Aircall is now immediately alerted with a full call details record (CDR), allowing them to resolve the issue quickly.

Using a range of test types – Inbound, Outbound, PSTN and Mobile – we provided Aircall with the necessary testing solutions, and robust data, to force change with their carriers in advance of clients flagging audio or connectivity issues.

Spearline API was integrated into Aircall’s own network, providing test results and data directly, thereby removing the need to manage multiple systems. Coupled with our bespoke alerting options, Aircall is confident they will receive notification of an issue instantly.

“We used the Spearline API from Day 1. It was a way for us to better analyze test results and do correlations that are centered on our business and use cases.”

We always focused on improving call quality for our customers, but we were struggling to effectively assess the quality offered by our various carrier partners.

Paul Rousselle, Strategic Project Manager, Aircall


The ability to certify the quality of their offering for new business development and to actively manage issues for existing clients is a game changer for Aircall.

Since working with Spearline, Aircall can now monitor carriers across their global infrastructure, identifying issues more efficiently, and insisting on changes when necessary.

Aircall now proactively monitors calls and routes. Working closely together, Aircall defined how they wanted to be alerted about outages and they now receive real-time, human-verified alerts as soon as an issue arises.

We have not only provided Aircall with a way of identifying issues, but also with robust comparable data to support them make future business decisions with their existing carrier partners.

Proactive monitoring allowing Aircall to detect any potential customer-facing issues quickly before there is a customer impact.

The duration of issues has been vastly reduced not only by identifying them sooner, but by providing the information to resolve them quicker.

Instead of engineers trying to verify that there is an issue after a customer complaint, and having to collate the information they need, the information is now available at their fingertips, vastly reducing the time needed to troubleshoot issues.

Spearline gave us better visibility on the quality of our service, and allowed us to detect and solve issues much faster. It contributed to improving call quality and customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Baptiste Béchu, Tech Co-Founder, Aircall

Company Profile

Category:  Private

Type: Software

Founded: 2014


Headquarters: Paris, France

Employees:  > 200 employees worldwide

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