Why you should be proactively monitoring your numbers for connectivity and voice quality across North America.

I now see objective voice quality PESQ scores on every number we test - visibility I didn’t have before we started Spearline

Arnie Chencinski, Senior Voice Network Engineer
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Voice Assure Interstate 

Organizations that have local access and toll-free service numbers across the United States and Canada could potentially be handling millions of calls every day from customers and prospects. Any degradation in their telecoms service, be it a drop in voice quality, or a complete outage, carries a high risk of damage to their customers’ experience and ultimately to their brand reputation.

With increasing network hops and carrier interconnects, there is an increased risk of problems occurring with connectivity, voice quality, CLI (caller line identification) representation and DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) recognition, and all of these can be happening without your knowledge.

It is essential to be able to check the call quality your customers experience when they contact you. It can, however, be impossible to isolate where and how connection, voice quality, and other call  issues are happening. Oftentimes, organizations only become aware of an issue when their customers notify them, putting them in a reactive as opposed to a proactive state which is not ideal. 


The Spearline solution

Voice Assure Interstate is a telecommunications assurance toolset that provides PoPs (point of presence) in multiple key US states and Candadian provinces, through which you can routinely test and monitor your numbers for connectivity and voice quality. The product is delivered through the Spearline platform, allowing you to replicate your customers’ experience in key locations across the US and Canada to test for connectivity, voice quality and latency. 

Why Voice Assure Interstate? 

Here are just some of the ways our customers have benefited from Voice Assure Interstate:

  • Uncover your customers’ experience in-state.

    With a physical presence across major US states and Canadian provinces, Spearline’s in-state infrastructure gives you the power to replicate your customers’ experience when they call your organization.  

  • Peace of mind that your numbers are working as they should be. 

    Verify call connection, call quality, DTMF transmission, and CLI presentation for any of your customer contact numbers at a time that suits you.  

  • Reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

    Problem-solving professionals often say to us, “the problem was fixed in a couple of minutes, but it took forever to find the problem!” Resolve issues quicker with the benefit of generating CDRs (call detail records) which can be taken to your carrier to troubleshoot quickly, allowing your engineers work on more valuable tasks.   

  • Prevent carriers from transcoding audio on calls.

    The data and reporting provided by Spearline can be used to identify and prevent carriers from transcoding audio on calls.   

  • Awareness of any issues that arise, before your customers are impacted.

    With access to our in-state infrastructure, you have the power to dial any of your customer contact numbers across US and Canadian servers, and carrier routes, to check for connectivity and quality issues, whenever you need to.  

  • Reduce problem management costs

    Fix issues quicker and more cost effectively with the benefit of having access to detailed reports that you can take to your carriers, and let your engineers work on more valuable tasks.  

  • Reduce downtime.

    Eliminate downtime by providing relevant teams with CDRs and call recordings for any issues found, for quicker troubleshooting and issue resolution.   

  • Verify any issues with connectivity, quality,  and DTMF recognition, and capture critical incident data.

    With  automated testing, you can verify any issues with connectivity, quality, and DTMF recognition. This information can be used to verify service availability or outages, to engage, and resolve issues with your carriers and providers.   

  • Optimize customer experience and communications leading to business growth.

    Where an issue is detected with one of your numbers, you are equipped to escalate and resolve it while communicating effectively with your customers and internal teams.  Disruption is minimized and customer experience is enhanced.  

  • Have more control and certainty when provisioning new numbers to your customers.

    Voice Assure Interstate allows you to verify service availability when provisioning new numbers.


Find out more

Should you have any questions about Voice Assure Interstate, please do not hesitate to contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager or Enterprise Solutions Manager. Alternatively, you can reach out to our 24/7 support team by email at suppport@spearline.com, or phone +353 28 51460. Read more about the features and benefits of Voice Assure Interstate and how it works here.


About us

Spearline is the telecommunication industry’s leading network intelligence company. We proactively test toll and toll-free numbers for connectivity, audio quality, and more, globally. For further information, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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