upRTC has eyes on your WebRTC Infrastructure 24/7

Do you ever find yourself up all night worrying about how your infrastructure is keeping pace with your requirements and your SLAs?  Do you toss and turn, stressing about whether your WebRTC application is working globally just where you need it? Is your beauty sleep interrupted with nightmares of bad user experiences throughout the week?

Well, good news; at Spearline, we have a powerful scheduling tool that will execute test scripts in front of your WebRTC application at any interval throughout the day and night, alerting you to issues before your users even notice.

Let’s take a look at upRTC and see how this robust WebRTC monitoring solution can ensure you sleep like a baby.

The dream team

As part of the testRTC suite of quality assurance solutions, upRTC is focussed on actively monitoring your application, validating live up-time and media quality. 

By hosting, scheduling, and launching our own automated probes that run your service 24/7 as if they were real users, upRTC can spot issues, notifying you immediately via email and webhook. 

In our blog article about watchRTC, our passive monitoring product, we talked about the benefits of aggregating every available metric for careful scrutiny by your IT and development teams. upRTC, on the other hand, provides the complimentary yet contrasting role of active tester of your application, providing real-time alerts and warnings for issues you configure as possible areas of concern.

No rest for the wicked

Whether you choose to execute upRTC’s monitoring muscle once a day, every hour, or every 15 minutes, you can rest easy knowing that your uptime performance issues have nowhere to hide. upRTC will weed out each and every performance issue and pinpoint any systemic decline in the quality of your service, something that is notoriously difficult to spot when relying solely on end user data. 

Our probes communicate with each other to synchronize any scenario. You can simulate any user behavior imaginable using our powerful Nightwatch scripting feature to gain a complete, granular insight into performance from web page loading, to login and the creation of a session. Conduct these tests from any location around the world, validating performance and accessibility across a large geographical spread.  

Configure your alerting options to notify you if tests fail the benchmarks you have configured or if they detect monitor warnings. upRTC can deliver alerts and notifications directly to the DevOps tools you already use to monitor your deployment.

Test results are visualized at every level and presented in your own clear and engaging dashboard, allowing you to see the good and the bad and attend to any problems immediately. upRTC collects every morsel of WebRTC data and makes it available to you for post mortems and future development planning.

Sleep tight

The testRTC suite of solutions is a full-spectrum WebRTC testing, monitoring and support framework. upRTC is the active monitoring component of this quality assurance suite, evaluating the true availability of your production service round the clock. Based on metrics you define, upRTC will track and compare your application’s actual quality of service at various times and from various locations, eliminating guesswork and worry. 

With upRTC you don’t ever have to worry that you might miss an issue or that a gradual or periodic service degradation might escape your notice. upRTC has eyes on the prize at all times. And we even monitor our own monitors. In the event of a monitor execution failure, upRTC will retry the execution immediately. 

upRTC will tell you if your infrastructure consistently meets your own and your users’ expectations. Results of upRTC monitoring provide telemetry directly from your users’ devices and not just from your own media servers, as would be the case with more traditional WebRTC monitoring methods. This significant difference means a more accurate representation of users’ experiences with your application. 

Our WebRTC experts have developed a robust tool to ensure that, while upRTC is up all night to get lucky, you can rest easy knowing everything is in hand.

New to Spearline?

Spearline provides quality assurance tools for business communication services, allowing you to proactively manage your inbound and outbound voice, SMS and fax services. Our latest WebRTC products offer testing, monitoring and support for web-based communications.

We work globally across business sectors, supporting contact centers, conferencing services, and more to successfully connect with their customers and employees. For further information, or if you have any further questions please get in touch.  

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