Top Three Tried and Tested Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Improve the customer experience

Call centers are the core of today’s industry. Every successful company has a call center to engage with its customers, addressing their needs and providing assistance. It is vital to ensure that these customer engagements build a strong customer relationship. Leading businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the customer experience.

There is a lot of pressure on an agent. They are the point of contact for the customer to the business, and in the customer’s eyes, they ARE the business. They represent the service and image the business provides. The agent should, therefore, ensure that the service they offer is of the highest quality.

It’s no simple task to make sure the customer is happy at the end of the call. Human beings are creatures that are highly unpredictable and therefore each experience is special. What might work for one customer, could easily upset the other. You want ALL of your customers to have a good experience, and strengthen brand loyalty. 

So how does one ensure their customers gain the best experience on a call? Here are 3 easy tried and successful steps to improve customer experience when communicating with a call center:

Listen to your Customers!

The simplest solutions are oftentimes the ones that are always overlooked. Customers want their calls answered. They want their issues resolved. For the call agent, this is a lot of pressure as they are the representative of the business, so to make sure the call runs smoothly, reassure your customer constantly that you’re doing everything possible to solve their problem.

This can be as simple as repeating back what they said and letting them know how much they value the customer’s feedback. An organization will ensure not only positive growth but also maximized customer satisfaction by streamlining business plans according to customer’s wishes.

Happy and Respectful Calling Agents

You might have heard the saying “respect is a two-way street”. If you want respect from your customers, you should speak to them respectfully. The same method applies to how happy you present yourself on a call. As stated earlier, the call agent is a representative of the company and the brand image to the customer. Every company wants to look approachable and helpful so something simple as being negative on a phone call can easily shatter any relationships with the customer, leading to bad word of mouth and customer churn.

Proactively Monitor the Audio Quality of Phone Calls

One of the biggest frustrations a customer can face is a poor quality call when speaking to an agent, especially when they are already on a call about an existing problem. Nobody likes a bad phone line, and it’s unfair for your agents to take the fall for a latency or jitter issue. A poor quality call can quickly lead to a dropped call, with nothing getting resolved, leaving the customer annoyed and moving to a competing business.

How can a business avoid this? Simple. Implement proactive monitoring of your company’s phone lines, doing so helps avoid this issue, preventing customer churn. Not only are your customers happy, but your call agents are also satisfied with how well and smoothly your business operates. Teams experience a reduction in troubleshooting time and effort. Managers enjoy greater efficiency.

Where to go from here?

Follow these straightforward and easy steps to improve the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is no joke, and should never be taken lightly by any company. Customers know what they want (the customer is always right after all), so best to listen to them. A positive and helpful phone call can easily improve anyone’s day, further strengthening brand loyalty. And proactive monitoring can halt any potential problems before your customer is affected. It’s the smartest move to implement these in your company if you haven’t already.

Our team of experts in measuring and monitoring the customer experience will provide the tools that your business can use to ensure your network is supporting high-quality customer conversations, allowing you to grow. Spearline provides an early identification system, supporting a stronger network, generating satisfied customers, thus producing more revenue for your business. For further information, or if you have any questions, please contact us

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