The importance of connectivity for remote working in small businesses

There’s no place like home. Whether it’s growing commuting expenses, the capacity to regulate your time, or the liberty to follow your passion, now more than ever individuals are creating possibilities to work remotely.

This movement is happening at a time when developments in technology such as cloud computing, cooperation, and enhanced communication tools allow support to this strategy.

Small companies deal in a multitude of ways with digital transformation. One of the most significant transformations of them all is the introduction of remote working. It’s on the rise and becoming more necessary.   


What is remote working?

Remote working, also known as telecommuting, e-working, or simply put ‘working from home,’ has risen up to be one of the most popular techniques implemented by companies. It’s beneficial for all levels in the workforce and proven to be better for the environment. 

Between saving costs, office space, increasing employee satisfaction, and decreasing consumption of fossil fuels, more and more businesses, whether they be big or small, need to implement this strategy. It’s not even a ‘new’ idea.

Remote working is a strategy that has been around for years, even before the 17th century, shockingly! However, in the digital world, one of the biggest implementations of remote working was in 1979, where the multinational information technology company IBM was one of the first fortune 500 companies to adopt this strategy.

However, the more businesses that implement this strategy, the stronger a connection is needed. To the remote worker, connection is everything, especially a strong one. Having a secure and stable connection is an important motivator to the remote worker as their interpersonal connections are supported by the technical connection supporting voice, video and desktop collaboration, with voice being the key to all engagement. Here’s how Spearline can help secure that connection and increase productivity for YOUR business. 

Stronger connectivity, stronger workforce.

It’s extremely frustrating when you’re trying to have a teleconference with some of your employees who could be an entire country or city away, and next thing you know you experience problems like latency, jitter, or packet loss, which can degrade communication to the point of the impossible. And what about smaller businesses who might not even have the ‘I.T. guy’ in house and have to wait for a very long time, delaying workflow and potential business deals? 

That’s why it’s always best to come prepared. And with Spearline you’ll never be more ready. With the best network monitoring and testing tools at the ready, Spearline’s platform can easily warn your business of any potential problems, allowing your remote workers to carry on with a new project and not panic that the system is experiencing issues. 

Spearline can track and make sure your network and connections are trustworthy and stable, allowing you to schedule important meetings and calls at appropriate times, without any major blows to costs. Saving time, money, effort, and less stress for everyone involved.  


In order to support the remote agent, careful tracking of network communication, connectivity, and call quality, especially the sound performance of speech calls, is essential. You need network monitoring which goes beyond the more traditional standard, no matter what size of the business, to survive. More specifically, you need Spearline’s in-country network monitoring and testing services. 

Network monitoring is a critical component of the toolkit to guarantee efficient and effective operation of your inner network’s hardware and information facilities, especially when remote working, whether it be a long or short distance. Traditional tools, however, stare only at the private network. With Spearline, your monitoring EXTENDS beyond the private network and views call pathing from the caller perspective, in-country, as it routes to your business. 

Network monitoring is a happier, smarter, easier and more efficient option for everyone involved and isn’t that what remote working is all about? Easier to access and more efficient in productivity. Happier workers have proven to be more efficient and motivated at what they do, increasing productivity for the business. The domino effect, a happier and smooth-running system tends to produce happier and more productive employees. 

Whether you are a large enterprise managing a complex global network, or a smaller business using a provider of business communications services,  you should seriously take into consideration not only implementing remote working but also the use of advanced network tools such as Spearline’s to ensure the performance of your critical communications channels.  


New to Spearline?

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