The Critical Role of Outbound Testing in Call Centre Solutions

If you are providing Contact Centre Solutions you need to have a way of monitoring your network and your partners’ performance to ensure the operability of your services. If you manage your own outbound call center, you will need to ensure that the call paths are always available so outgoing calls can be placed without issue, and your customers can connect with you.

In today’s complex world of communication, there are a multitude of factors impacting your call and its connection. Some common issues I’ve seen include:

  • Problems with the caller ID
  • Issues with the dialed number
  • Authentication failures
  • Rejection due to the whitelisting of numbers and regions
  • Routing issues


To troubleshoot these problems, it is often necessary to examine SIP response codes and debug logs, as well as to consult with support teams when necessary.

If you want to be ahead of the game – know about breakages in your business’ outbound calling and be able to pinpoint, troubleshoot and fix them before they cause any real damage – then read on.

Outbound Testing is essential for organizations that offer Contact Centre Solutions so they can monitor the performance of their network and the partners they are working with.

It is also crucial for businesses who manage their own infrastructure to make sure their outbound call paths are working with no issues – as unsuccessful calls are missed business opportunities. A lack of visibility can lead to customer dissatisfaction and brand reputation damage. Using a SIP Route Tester provides visibility on outbound call paths, including audio quality, partner performance, and correct formatting of caller ID.

Visibility is the key 

Personally, I believe that one of the keys to success is visibility. Without it, we have no idea what is going on and this may lead to serious issues.

It’s very important to have visibility on your outbound call paths and its performance – why? Because your top priority is to provide a seamless customer experience (regardless of if you provide Contact Centre solutions or you are an enterprise managing your own Contact Centre).

This however, can be quite challenging, especially when you rely on multiple carriers And if connectivity and audio quality issues arise, this will negatively impact the satisfaction of your customers. Unfortunately, if you are not monitoring your outbound numbers you may not be aware of these call quality issues.

Monitoring gives you visibility

In number testing – visibility allows you to solve issues. Visibility affords you peace of mind – I know this from working with our customers.

Monitoring the performance of outgoing routes is as important as monitoring the performance of inbound call paths.

Let’s assume that your partner’s network is experiencing latency or packet loss – this could impact the audio quality of your outbound calls. Without monitoring you and the carrier are not aware of the issue – until customers begin reporting call quality problems. At this point, your brand is already affected.

If a customer has reported a connectivity issue impacting your service, you will need to try and identify the problem. But, without a troubleshooting tool, it can be difficult to understand where the issue is and root cause analysis may take too long. Spearline can help to make identification easier and resolution much quicker.

The ultimate fix for your issues

To tackle the challenges and answer the questions that constantly arise, you need an effective monitoring tool that can help you anticipate potential issues and stop them from impacting your customers. With such a tool in place, you can troubleshoot problems in real-time and identify the root cause of any issues, this will assist you in conducting a thorough root cause analysis.

SIP Route Tester to the rescue

While our Inbound Audio quality verifies the audio quality of the incoming routes and accessibility of the numbers, our SIP Route Tester provides you with the visibility of the outgoing call paths.

The SIP Route Tester helps you with the following:

  • Assessing the performance of multiple carriers in a country and making routing decisions based on their quality and performance.
  • Ensuring that partners or carriers comply with SLAs and meet the standards for connectivity and audio quality.
  • Verifying the correct format of outbound Caller ID on various terminating providers and ensuring they are displayed correctly.
  • Checking the audio quality of outbound routes to fixed line providers and mobile networks.
  • Verifying the accessibility and correct functioning of your trunk.
  • Testing for successful delivery of calls to various terminating providers.
  • Reporting SIP responses in case of connecting failures.
  • Detecting routing issues that cause calls to terminate elsewhere.
  • Verifying the audio transmission to ensure high-quality communication.


How it works: It establishes a SIP interconnect with your infrastructure from our servers located globally. This way, we can generate outbound calls from your network to any of our phone numbers available locally in 80+ countries and counting.

With just a few simple configuration steps, you can swiftly set up your trunks and initiate outbound calls from your infrastructure via your partners and routes to a broad range of our fixed line phone numbers and mobile numbers around the globe. Our private local infrastructure supports a large amount of networks and carriers.

Additionally, you will have access to all essential metrics instantly, such as connection, audio quality (using PESQ), CLI presentation, DTMF transmission and more, through the Spearline platform.

SIP Route Tester is an easy to use automated testing solution allowing you to monitor your outbound services and troubleshoot any issues in real time. With the customizable testing options that SIP Route Tester offers, processes can be tailored to your specific needs. SIP Route Tester makes thorough evaluation of your carriers’ performance possible on a global scale.

It is also worth mentioning that along with the SIP Route Tester, our Inbound Audio Quality test is a great asset to utilize as part of your QA process. This can be used before you release the services to your end customers – this way you ensure excellent customer satisfaction from the very beginning.

We understand the importance of outbound testing in ensuring a seamless customer experience and we strive to make it easier for you with our SIP Route Tester.

So don’t wait, reach out to us today for more details and see how our solution can benefit your business. Alternatively, you can learn more about SIP Route Tester and our other testing solutions on our website. Let us help you take your outbound testing to the next level.

About Cyara

Cyara, the leader and creator of the CX Assurance category, empowers enterprises and solution providers to deliver flawless interactions through the most comprehensive platform assuring the widest array of communications channels. With coverage in over 80 countries and 200+ points of presence, Cyara automates testing and eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual testing of contact centers and unified communications platforms. 

For further information, or if you have any further questions,  please get in touch.  

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