The bird’s eye: watchRTC makes monitoring, analyzing, and vizualizing your WebRTC data a breeze

At Spearline, we’re committed to transforming the future of WebRTC testing, monitoring, and analytics. Our suite of WebRTC testing, monitoring, and analytics solutions provide a raft of real-time and aggregate global and localized testing metrics. These metrics represent performance at all levels of critical WebRTC infrastructure and network paths. They also replicate the genuine experience of your customer base. And with the most recent addition to our product line, watchRTC, we have taken our mission to another level. Let’s get to know the new kid. 

The birds eye

watchRTC is a passive monitoring tool for WebRTC, but don’t let the name fool you. It may be passive but it is anything but meek. watchRTC collects all the relevant, useful telemetry and data points you could ever need to accurately measure your customers true experience with your application. This is done by integrating our SDK or Chrome extension with your application.

watchRTC provides a birds-eye view of your entire deployment, letting you monitor and analyze network traffic at scale and in real time through our watchRTC Live feature. While at the same time, allowing you the opportunity to drill down for a granular view of each user in each session.

Not just a pretty face

watchRTC doesn’t throw stacks of disordered, random, unintelligible data at you. By monitoring each layer we can immediately highlight the important statistics and bubble up important notifications. All data is then collected, composed, and formatted in clear, useful, and downright pretty interactive graphs, like this one


Isn’t that nice? Brimming with usable and easily discernible information, these graphs make engaging with your data a breeze. 

Pimp your ride

watchRTC doesn’t drain your CPU and network resources. It also doesn’t record actual media or store any of your private user information. It’s easy to use, and  takes only seconds to load and refresh. Best of all, it is entirely adaptive to your needs. Configure custom metrics, receive timely alerts, review reports and analyze cases in real time. 

Trends: Custom key aggregation helps you to determine trends using your own custom population filters. Dig into information relating to browser and operating systems, score values, bitrates and packet loss.

Rating: Our RestAPIs can help you to get custom metrics for rating, billing and reporting. Add custom keys to track and rate customer usage and download PDFs with detailed graphs. Or, call our API for this information in JSON format. 

Application metadata: While watchRTC is monitoring and collecting session data, it is also collecting the application metadata needed to make sense of it all. 

Some of the features of this metadata collection include:

  • Sharing identifiers between your application and watchRTC and quickly switching between them across monitoring dashboards. 
  • Adding application-specific events to the session’s timeline.
  • Mapping the names of incoming channels to other peers in a session. You can even designate specific peers by using different custom keys.

The watcher

watchRTCs muscular monitoring feature is always watching, highlighting all unusual activities and discrepancies. It is then making this data available to your IT team. You define the thresholds, we notify you when these thresholds are exceeded.

Built on the back of our existing suite of monitoring and testing solutions, watchRTC comes with our own advanced tooling for debugging and troubleshooting baked right in. But with great power comes great responsibility; we’re not about to go messing up the operation of your application with constant interruptions. watchRTC is a finely honed, robust yet eloquently targeted tool for metric collection and analysis, gathering practical, functional data only; no superfluous metrics.  

Wild optimization

A hugely popular feature of watchRTC is its capacity to enable developers to deploy fixes and optimize their infrastructure and code, including media servers and client code. By monitoring and collecting every useful, functional spec of data, developers can optimize for each vector and element of their deployment.  They can then check how these fixes affect their users in the wild, providing a live window into their users performance experience and reducing opportunities for customer dissatisfaction. 

Marketing your WebRTC infrastructure

watchRTC allows for A/B or split testing of your WebRTC infrastructure. 

Our A/B testing facility lets you create custom keys and mark individual users, based on your own logic to market-test your deployment. This process takes all the guesswork out of website optimization and allows you to make data-backed decisions about what works best for your WebRTC offering.

Manual handling 

As much as developers rely on our automated stress and regression testing suite, there will be times when manual testing is a necessary evil. 

The problem with manual testing, however, is that there is a lot to juggle and it’s all too easy to drop the ball:

With watchRTC, the tester merely explains the steps that led to the issue and adds a link to the session. Thanks to the array of metrics and data at the developer’s disposal, they already have everything they need to analyze and troubleshoot the issue from here. This expedited process results in real benefits for the development cycle.

Big bird

So now we’ve seen that while watchRTC provides a birds eye view into WebRTC infrastructure and network pathways, this is no nestling. Powerful, lightning fast and laser-focussed, watchRTC is more hawk-eye than tweety bird. The watchRTC UI delivers responsive, interactive, immediate results that range from the general to the microscopic. And it’s all at your discretion. watchRTC leaves it up to you to configure your own parameters. As well as your own thresholds for notifications based on your own overarching logic. You stay ahead of quality or connectivity issues and achieve operational excellence in your WebRTC services. This is due to the power to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your entire WebRTC infrastructure.

About Spearline

Spearline is a technology company that proactively tests toll, toll-free and premium-rate numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. Our latest WebRTC products offer testing, monitoring and support for web-based communications. We work across business sectors, supporting contact centers, conferencing services, and more to successfully connect with their customers and employees.

If you would like to find out more, we would love to speak with you! Please send us a brief  message, and we will be in contact with you shortly.


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