The Best Industry Ideas for Customer Service Over the Phone

Excellent customer service is a core component for a business to run successfully. Your agents are your first point of contact for your customers, so first impressions must always be to the best standard.

Recently Spearline CTO Matt Lawlor took part in a survey for Call Center Helper. Here they asked multiple businesses to share some of their favorite pieces of advice for improving customer service over the phone.

Jay Gupta at Talkdesk believes that businesses’ should connect voice with other channels.

If an advisor is troubleshooting, sending pictures and video to the customer to locate a reset button or a product ID number can shorten the call center interaction.

Such an example is just one way that multichannel customer service can help the customer feel less lost.

Collecting information in a voice call by leveraging messaging apps can also be a time saver and make interactions simpler for customers.

Spearline CTO, Matt Lawlor, states that it is vital businesses’ must proactively guard against audio quality problems.

Audio quality problems – from an inability to converse to simply mishearing words – and call failures can disrupt many voice interactions.

Often organizations are unaware of such issues because they are not proactively monitoring their networks or analyzing the valuable data.

A missed call or poor audio quality may not seem significant at first, but an unresolved problem often becomes a recurring one, which can significantly impact customer service.

Organizations can stay ahead of any issues through number monitoring and use the resultant data to resolve problems before it negatively impacts customers. This leads to an enhanced customer experience and satisfaction levels.

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Andrew White from Contexta360 strongly advised managers to build an analysis strategy to maintain structure within the organization.

Most contact centers run masses of analysis. Data is everywhere, but data is just data. The key is building an analysis strategy. There are many pitfalls with data analysis. Two key examples are:

  1. Are we analyzing accurate and normalized data?
  2. Are we analyzing metadata or customer data?

The first is a big topic. Advisor data capture starts well at the beginning of the day and erodes as time and fatigue take their toll.

In addition, the data captured is only partially structured and subject to interpretation via dropdown selection or unstructured free text fields.

Technology can help by automating call classification, interpreting customer satisfaction, and getting to grips with intent. This not only helps to normalize the data but ensures that more data is structured for analysis.

Finally, Mirza Hadzic at Infobip recommended adding Video to Voice for businesses to develop stronger relationships with their customers.

Using voice and video as a communication solution means companies can quickly and efficiently communicate with customers worldwide.

Just think about it. People use video to feel closer to their family, friends, and colleagues. The same principle can be true for brands using video calls to connect with customers.

Brands can, therefore, use video to get more personal and create stronger relationships with customers.

Nobody said managing customer service teams would be simple, but there are methods to make things easier for both the employees and the consumers. To offer your consumers the greatest possible experience while calling your agents, be sure to follow these tried, proven, and effective procedures.

To read the other inputs from businesses such as MaxContact, Calabrio, and more, be sure to check out the article “23 New Ideas for Customer Service Over the Phone,” now featured on Call Center Helper!

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