The advantages of number testing with Spearline

When it comes to monitoring and tracking the entire line of communication between a company and its customers, network monitoring solutions are often thought to have all the bases covered. However, in our over 50 million test calls experience, we recognize this is not the case!

Following this, here are some advantages for testing your numbers with us that you won’t get by just monitoring your network.

  1. Identify issues with numbers before customers do

    Nowadays Customers don’t phone a second time to speak about bad service, they just switch providers immediately. If one of these figures has downtime or audio quality issues, it will affect a significant number of customers, leading to disappointment, churn, and even sales loss. For every failure, our testing produces alerts, with each failure alert verified by a person in our testing support team. So you can be confident that any alert is real and actionable, and that until it impacts consumers, you will address the issue.  

  2. Replicate customer experience from the outside in

    Organizations often monitor what is happening on their own network infrastructure, but as calls are passed through multiple carriers, they do not have visibility of what is occurring outside the network. Poor audio quality placed on an excellent network will still cause poor audio to be experienced by a client.

    An end-to-end overview of the network can be given to you by testing your numbers and not just your network. Every test call is recorded by our platform and you have full knowledge of the experience of the client, as well as how often calls drop due to communication or audio problems. Equipped with these insights, it is possible to produce corrective decisions to enhance your service.  

  3. Measure carrier performance and benchmark performance against competitors

    Number testing provides you with insights into managing ongoing relationships between carriers and making key routing decisions based on audio quality data. On every single route, audio quality, DTMF, and CLI are tested. We allow you to make educated and responsible decisions on how your calls are routed, combined with country-by-country benchmarking data from our millions of global test calls.

    We’ve conducted millions of test calls globally, allowing us to benchmark your customers’ experience against country averages. This means you can see how well your numbers are performing vs. other contact centers on a country-by-country basis.  

  4. An objective audio quality metric

    The availability of an objective metric to measure performance is one of the biggest problems with testing telecoms infrastructure. Many companies use tracking tools that look at certain network parameters such as bandwidth, loss of packets, latency, and jitter. They will assume a certain audio quality based on these parameters, generating a median opinion score (MOS). These are misleading as they are analyzing network details rather than audio characteristics.

    Spearline’s in-country servers replicate the customer dial path and using tools that focus on audio characteristics such as audio sharpness, distortions, background noise, call volume, and clipping. Our platform generates an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) industry-standard PESQ (perceptual evaluation of speech quality) score, which is an objective score of audio quality rather than the subjective MOS scoring.

Thankfully Spearline’s proactive monitoring and testing tools are able to identify issues before your customer does, preventing your company from facing negative outcomes like customer churn and potential loss in revenue. The Spearline tests will determine precisely what the problem is, helping you to fix the issue promptly before it becomes too large an obstacle for you and your customers. Using an internationally-recognized standard for measuring audio quality, Spearline takes into account parameters like variable delays, noise on the line, and clipping of audio. You can read more about our test types here and learn more about our products here. 

Find out more about Spearline

If you are new to Spearline and would like to find out more about how you can benefit from the platform, we would love to speak with you. Please send us a brief message, and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Spearline’s platform proactively tests inbound telecommunications services, as well as dial-out. Connectivity and audio quality are monitored on fixed-line, SIP, or mobile networks, globally. Spearline enables organizations to provide uninterrupted services to customers around the world. For further information, or if you have any further questions please get in touch with us.

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