Introduction to WebRTC testing and monitoring with testRTC

As recently announced, Spearline acquired testRTC, a recognised leader in the provision of WebRTC testing solutions to the UCaaS, CCaaS, CPaaS and enterprise markets. 

This blog outlines what testRTC offers in WebRTC testing, monitoring and support, and the benefits it provides to organizations using WebRTC.

The world’s most powerful WebRTC testing and monitoring platform.

What does testRTC do? We help organizations with the testing, monitoring and support activities of their WebRTC applications.

How do we do it? By simulating or monitoring real users, and figuring out the behaviour patterns of an organization’s users and deployment. 

The testRTC platform: testRTC’s global, cloud based infrastructure offers on demand resources for any organization’s WebRTC needs.

Now that you know a little bit about testRTC, why work with us?

A solution built for the new generation of WebRTC-based communications applications.

testRTC offers a complete solution for the whole WebRTC lifecycle; from development to production and customer support.

WebRTC testing

Ensure your WebRTC application works flawlessly for your customers with our browser automation tool that’s focused on your WebRTC testing needs. By automating web browsers, you can simulate real users using your service from different locations around the world and running on different network configurations. All of this can be done at scale, in a reproducible fashion, so you can test, debug, validate and optimize your application efficiently

Learn more about our WebRTC testing tool here

WebRTC monitoring

Understand behavior and user experience with our active and passive monitoring capabilities. Collect, monitor and analyze real user traffic, and metrics, to troubleshoot and optimize your infrastructure and pin-point issues in real time.

Learn more about our WebRTC monitoring tool here

Remote Agent Support 

Our WebRTC support tool allows you to understand your user’s network configuration within minutes. Reduce the handling time of network issues for your support team by enabling self-service troubleshooting, through customizable network testing, that integrates with your backend. Supporting both voice and video testing, and targeted at gaining an understanding of one or more aspects of a user’s network, this can be used as a work from home/ remote agent support tool.

Learn more about our WebRTC support tool here

Using the testRTC platform will enable your organization to:


Interested in testRTC?

If you are an existing Spearline customer and would like to talk to us about your WebRTC testing needs, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your Customer Engagement Manager. Alternatively, if you are new to Spearline, please get in touch with us we would love to hear from you.

About us

Spearline is a technology company that proactively tests toll, toll-free and premium-rate numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. Our latest testRTC product offers WebRTC testing, monitoring and support. We support business sectors, such as contact centers, conferencing services, and other applications, in successfully connecting with their customers. 

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