Spearline’s look back at 2022

Over the past year, Spearline has achieved some incredible milestones. We’ve launched new products and services, expanded our reach to new markets, and continued to grow and strengthen our team.

We acquired Callstats. What does that mean for the future of WebRTC monitoring?

We’ve acquired Callstats – and its proprietary WebRTC testing after acquiring testRTC a year ago –  cementing our position as the leading market vendor in WebRTC testing and monitoring.

Like all our developments, this move has been driven by customer needs, and our commitment to giving you access to the best tools for enabling quality interactions. 

Our CPO, Tsahi Levent-Levi, explains “Acquiring the top two brands in WebRTC testing and monitoring enables us to grow our market and provide you with the world’s leading all-encompassing ready-to-test solutions, no matter what technologies you use for your critical business communications”. 

No other vendor can offer this breadth of solutions – we’ve got your back for all your testing and monitoring needs.

Spearline did it again! 

We ranked in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards for the ninth consecutive year. 

Spearline continues to be an industry leader and a driving force for technological innovation. 


Speaking about Spearline’s growth, Kevin Buckley, Co-Founder and CEO said: “It’s a credit to our products, people, customers, and innovation that we have maintained our position as one of Ireland’s fastest-growing tech firms for the ninth consecutive year.


Thanks to our team and customers, we couldn’t do any of it without you!

You asked; we listened! 

At Spearline, we know our customers like to be in the driving seat. We pride ourselves on our close customer relationships, and on being a team of problem-solvers that can give them exactly what they want.


This year we introduced our new Voice Assure Realtime feature, Provider Selection. Product manager at Spearline, Ola Budak tells us “Our customers often come to us when their numbers do not connect – asking for more details to help them pinpoint the issue. The Provider Selection feature gives you the power to troubleshoot your number issues in real time, via multiple in-country fixed-line or mobile providers and routes. “


Provider Selection is a game changer! But you don’t need to take our word for it. Why not take it for a test drive yourself?

Spearline continues to expand rapidly

Spearline’s global coverage continues to grow! Committed to delivering high-quality number testing services worldwide. Spearline’s global coverage is growing at lightning speed. Our private, local infrastructure allows you to quickly and reliably test your numbers wherever your customers are located around the world. 

82 Countries 112 Fixed Line Carriers 165 Mobile Networks 176 Locations (Cities)


  • 99.99% failure verification and alert accuracy

  • In-country infrastructure for origination and termination

  • Fully regulated mobile and PSTN lines


Spearline expands its infrastructure with more regions and networks on a monthly basis. You can expect more from us every month. 

Spearline chats to our customers

At Spearline, we like to build relationships with our customers, ensure we are helping them to the best of our ability, and see how we can further improve our products to resolve pain points. Recently,  we caught up with Intrado and Collaborationroom.ai to see how Spearline helped meet their business needs.

Intrado conducts automated test calls in nearly 30 countries using MS Teams voice quality checks. “Being able to test and isolate issues to either the carrier network or a customer’s internal network has been invaluable”, Gregor Rennie, Head of Carrier Strategy, Management EMEA, Intrado Cloud Collaboration. 

For collaborationroom.ai, moving away from time-consuming manual testing processes and monitoring their WebRTC application’s performance was essential. “In a typical test cycle, using testRTC has shrunk the time spent from a couple of weeks to a couple of hours. And on the troubleshooting side, tasks that took hours now take minutes.” Sameer Maini, CEO, collaborationroom.ai. testRTC made WebRTC easy.

A trip to India 

Work hard, play harder! Our CTO and co-founder Matt Lawlor and Chief of People Lorraine McCarthy visited Spearline’s Indian office. Spearline values strong company culture and good relationships between team members. It was a week of hard work rewarded with games and laughter.

The week was full of great food with even better company! The visit was a great success, everyone involved enjoyed all the activities and effort put into making this visit special. Thank you team India for organising a brilliant week, it’s one that won’t be forgotten!

Overall, 2022 was full of exciting events and developments. Thank you to our customers and team for your support and dedication. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

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