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Businesses flourish on client communication and clients continue to have a preference for speech communications. Network management staff are always vigilant to guarantee that communication channels are open, working well and promoting company development and growth. But things can easily act up, and sometimes they go wrong in very large and dramatic ways.

When dealing with the connection status of your toll and toll-free business numbers, the existing Spearline notification options are designed to identify individual number/country issues and alert customers in real-time through their chosen medium.

Customer feedback has indicated that while this is extremely useful on smaller outages, it can create many alerts when there is a large scale issue, affecting multiple numbers across many countries. This has prompted development towards a more aligned approach in the event of complex and widespread faults.   


How it works

Existing testing and follow up procedures will remain in place to detect outages and escalate, however, thresholds can be applied so that when a certain amount of alerts are generated, either overall or on a per-country basis, alerts will cease once the set threshold has been exceeded, and these will be replaced by an all-inclusive “Superticket”. Once the Superticket is initiated, this will disable all other follow up procedures to ensure an additional load is not placed on a system already experiencing issues.

This Superticket will be received via the customer specific escalation channel (Email/SNMP, Call, SMS,etc), and will include a link directing you towards the Spearline Platform where the user will be presented with a full display of the affected numbers and test results. This can be used to visualize the scale of the issue, export affected numbers and CDR records, view the progress of an outage and identify when the issue is resolved. 


Working example

The thresholds for activating the Superticket are set to a maximum of 2 alerts per country and a maximum of 3 countries in a one hour time period before a Superticket is activated. Below is the process the Superticket follows:   



Existing testing and follow up procedures are applied to the first outages detected.

The USA is the first country where the issue is detected, alerts are generated for the first two numbers affected. No alerts are generated for any other USA numbers affected by the outage.

The outage is also detected in UK and Australia. Tickets will be generated for the first two numbers for each country.

Outage is then detected in many other countries, no follow up tests will be launched and a Superticket will be generated. 

At all stages of the above process, the Spearline 24/7 support team will verify issues and monitor the Superticket.   


Key Benefits

Once implementing the Superticket procedure to your system, it will provide a number of benefits including:  

Supports high-frequency testing in complex networks
Avoids unnecessary follow-up tests

Clearly communicates a cross country outage

Aligns testing across multiple locations and notifies you of major issues

Enables view of affected numbers in one location

Stops additional noise during an outage
Provides constant vigilance and accurate test readings
Creates easy-to-read CSV file for resolver groups

As shown above, the Spearline Superticket is customizable to suit customer-specific needs and escalation protocols. Providing high-frequency multiple number testing, Spearline’s Superticket is the perfect tool for proactively monitoring potential outages your customers may be facing.  

Contact us to learn more about the Spearline platform and how it can help you.


About us

Spearline is a technology company that proactively tests toll, toll-free and premium-rate numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. We support business sectors, such as contact centers, conferencing services, and other applications, in successfully connecting with their customers. If you are interested in benefiting from our platform, please get in touch with us.


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