Spearline Spotlight: an interview with Dan Hayes

During the recent episode of the Spearline podcast, I spoke with Spearline’s Chief Customer Engagement Officer, Dan Hayes, about his role in the company and his experiences working with customers. 

With an impressive background in the telecommunications sector, Dan provided valuable and knowledgeable insights throughout the episode. One of which was his experiences in the videoconferencing and online meetings industry and how they had faced problems regularly. Understandably, this was beyond frustrating, especially when the root cause might be down to a single degraded audio line. 


“A single degraded audio line can have quite a substantial impact on your conference, which will have multiple participants on it. So in theory, that one poor audio line would be considered a minor problem, but in reality, it can give an awful experience to many people.”


Dan further explained how this could be disastrous for business. For example, a team call might face problems such as latency, jitter, or packet loss on a standard catch-up call, impacting team collaboration. In addition, terrible audio quality stretches across the board, affecting every different level of an organization.


“They could be senior executives making a global deal, so the impact of those experiences actually can be quite immense.”


Furthering that point, Dan explained how those global deals suffer from terrible call quality, resulting in “large financial consequences for an organization, especially if the problem remains unchecked”. Dan also spoke about how connection failures are one of the most significant failure types that customers regularly face, with outages being the primary culprit.


However, it was Dan’s optimism when talking about the ‘multifaceted’ Spearline solution that intrigued me. From an ex-customers point of view, Dan detailed how easily Spearline resolved the problem and the many benefits that followed.


“The logistics of organizing things become a lot simpler for our engineers. By setting up as many campaigns as they needed and testing numbers anywhere in the world at the time that they wanted, I’d then have all the results almost instantaneously.”


Dan joined Spearline over a year ago as the Chief Customer Engagement Officer and brought his technical knowledge and expertise surrounding telecoms and video conferencing spaces and his experiences working and interacting with customers to help elevate the team even higher. “It was ideal because it was utilizing my knowledge of telecoms and the UCaaS space, and then working with not only a fantastic team but also the wide variety of Spearline customers.” 


Since joining, Dan has helped the Customer Engagement team ensure every customer has the best experience working with the Spearline platform. Looking back over the past year, he firmly believes that relationships between Spearline and our customers have never been better. He reflected on the company’s one hundred percent customer retention rate, and exceptional NPS and customer satisfaction scores.


“Ultimately, it’s not just built by the superb platform that we offer but also a reflection of the interactions with our customer engagement team. We build powerful bonds with our customers at various levels, in new organizations. I think that is the bedrock on which the business ultimately has grown over the years and will continue to grow into the future.”


To listen to the full interview, tune in to the Spearline Podcast Ep 16:  “Are audio quality issues keeping you in the dark?” now available on all podcast platforms!

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