Spearline expands test type offering with SMS Verifier

Mobile has fundamentally transformed consumer behavior and their expectations.  Currently, 5 billion people globally send and receive SMS messages – about 65% of the world’s population.* With such a rise in popularily of mobile usage around the world, and with more business processes leveraging text messaging, we are delighted to announce that a new Spearline test type is now available – SMS Verifier.

What is SMS Verifier?

Spearline SMS Verifier is a reliable method to test whether a text message has been received or not. The service is an extension to the Spearline API that allows organizations to test the sending and receiving of an SMS message in-country, from Spearline, to a destination specified by them. SMS Verifier can be applied in all countries where Spearline mobile testing is currently available. 

Key benefits:

  • Test SMS messaging and delivery in-country, before it’s sent to your customer, across an international network between your organization and your customers.  
  • Know with certainty whether an SMS message has been received, either sent or failed to send, by your intended party.  
  • Access real-time reporting and analytics via Spearline API queries.  
  • Take the necessary steps to rectify any issues that are identified before your customers are impacted.


Find out more

To find out more about how Spearline SMS Verifier works, and how it can benefit your organization, please view our new SMS Verifier test type page where you can download our new SMS Verifier fact sheet. 


Contact us

If you would like to get started with SMS Verifier, please contact your dedicated Customer Engagement Manager, our 24/7 support team by email, support@spearline.com or phone +353 28 51460.


New to Spearline?

Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. If you are interested in benefiting from our platform, please get in touch with us.

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* Source:  Slicktext.com

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