Never miss an issue with Spearline alerts

Never miss an issue with Spearline alerts

Spearline helps us monitor our call quality, and makes us aware of any issues that our customers might report.

Bud Lee
Director, Software Quality Engineering at 8X8

What are Spearline alerts? 

Our customers frequently tell us that one of the main reasons they work with Spearline is because of the real-time alerts we provide should an issue ever arise with any of their numbers. 

Alerts from Spearline notify you in real-time about specific issues such as, call failures or audio quality dropping below a custom threshold, as soon as they arise, meaning you never miss an issue with one of your numbers. 

All alerts are verified by Spearline for validity before they are released. This ensures the chance of receiving a false alert is significantly reduced.

Spearline alerts help us to identify potential outages quickly so we can contact carriers and affected customers right away.

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Why choose Spearline alerts? 

Peace of mind

Alerts prompt corrective action. What’s more, this action improves the quality and reliability of your telecoms infrastructure and ultimately, your overall customer experience.

Reduce troubleshooting time 

Alerts are sent as soon as an issue is detected with one of your tests. This allows you to make a decision in real-time on what steps are needed to fix the issue. Moreover, it ensures minimal disruption to your business and customers.

Personally verified by Spearline

Spearline’s dedicated 24/7, 365 days of the year support team will personally verify any issues that arise, before the alert is issued. 

Remove any false failures

As Spearline’s support team personally verify any issues that occur, it significantly removes the chance of  false alerts occuring. This means, time spent on investigating issues that don’t exist, is virtually eliminated.

Customised to your specific numbers and unique requirements

You decide on the numbers you want to set up the alerts for. These could be your highest revenue-generating numbers or your high priority numbers. If you are unsure which numbers to set up alerts for, your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager will be more than happy to assist. You can also decide what countries you would like to test your numbers in, and the frequency of the test.

Free of charge!

Spearline alerts are available at no additional cost to our customers. All you need to do is contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager to set up the alerts on your Spearline platform.

Types of Spearline alerts

There are a number of alert policies available, depending on your unique business requirements and business needs.

New feature! Snooze alerts

Snooze alerts is a feature of all Spearline’s  allow any indivduals that have ‘full access’ to the Spearline platform  the power to toggle alerts on/off for individual numbers. Individuals now have more control over the alerts that are generated, and will have the option to stop them if necessary. With snooze alerts, you now can:

  • Snooze alerts for a custom amount of time.
  • Stop alerts indefinitely.

Fail alerts

You specify the following:

  • The specific number, or group of numbers, to receive alerts on.
  • What fail states to be alerted on. Eg. busy, silence on the line or disconnected.
  • Snooze interval. After an alert has been sent, you won’t receive another alert on a failed number until the snooze period has expired.
  • The maximum amount of alerts you would like to receive.
  • If you only want to receive an alert after X amount of tests, for a number that has failed.
  • Whether to receive the alerts by email or phone.
  • Test frequencies, via the number or campaign area of the Spearine platform.


Follow-up alerts

You specify the following:

  • How many follow-up tests to run when a number has been marked as ‘busy’ by a member of the Spearline support team.
  • Snooze interval.
  • The maximum number of alerts.
  • How many levels of follow-up tests you require, and how many tests on each level.
  • How often after a ‘busy’ you would like to run the tests again e.g two every minute?
  • If you would like to test the number through a mobile route, a fixed-line route, or both
  • If you would like a report sent at the end of a level based on the following conditions:
    • (a) any test has failed in follow-up.
    • (b) all tests have failed in follow-up.
    • (c) send after a follow-up has completed .
    • or (d) don’t send the report at all.

Quality alerts  

Quality alerts work in the same way as fail alerts. The only difference is that you specify a PESQ quality score threshold. If the test is scored under this score, an alert is sent to you. Spearline’s support team will personally verify poor quality tests before an alert is sent. Quality alerts are issued by phone or email.


PESQ drop alerts

The PESQ drop alert is sent when an average PESQ score for a given period of time falls below a predetermined threshold. You have the option of setting up daily, weekly, or monthly alerts. Using a custom value, the Spearline country benchmark, or the previous time period average as the threshold.

How are Spearline alerts issued? 

Alerts are usually sent as an email.  However, an automated voice message can be sent or an SNMP (simple network management protocol) message – the choice is yours.

If you are interested in setting up any of the alerts above on the Spearline platform, please contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager who will be happy to set them up for you.


Intrado: proactively raising, and resolving issues with their carriers, with Spearline alerts                      

Intrado, a global provider of communication and network infrastructure services, has support teams located all around the world.

Intrado works with some of the world’s largest organizations,  from banks to healthcare providers, retailers to logistics companies. All these organizations count on Intrado to deliver exceptional audio quality. Intrado’s pitch is, ‘When audio clarity counts, count on us to carry the conversation.’ This is where Spearline comes in.

Gregor Rennie, EMEA Carrier Account Manager at Intrado says:

“ Testing our services globally requires the ability to be alerted if Spearline identifies a potential issue.  

Having a dedicated resource to continually monitor the regular testing we undertake via Spearline would be a great strain for any company.  This is where Spearline’s alerting facility becomes an absolute requirement for Intrado.

Based on a set of pre-defined criteria, we are able to inform our global support teams when a specific carrier or country’s test calls are failing. The alerts from Spearline are sent directly to the relevant support teams based in a specific time zone, so further investigations can start proactively.

Furthermore, we work with our carriers or technical teams if required, to resolve any issues in a timely manner. This all allows Intrado to remain proactive, ensuring our resource is utilised correctly. ”

Find out more about Spearline alerts 

To find out more about Spearline alerts and how your organisation can benefit, please speak to your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager, our 24/7 Support team by email or phone  +353 28 51460.  Alternatively, please complete our short alerts sign up form and one of our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

New to Spearline?

Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. If you are interested  please get in touch with us we would love to hear from you!

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