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For any successful relationship to work, both sides need to make sure there is some form of connection with each other. Whether it could be similar interests, hobbies, or goals, it always boils down to having strong communication. Communication is key to a successful business, especially when it comes to customers. So what happens when there is a natural breakdown in communication due to lines not routing optimally? 

There is a massive dependency on telecommunications services to connect with customers in the interest of efficiencies. Telecommunications has provided great business benefits, introducing more flexible working for employees and allowing businesses to interact with customers easily, globally. This direct, personal relationship should prove to be efficient in gaining success with customers. 

According to a RightNow Technologies Customer Experience Report, 86% of adults are willing to pay more for better customer experience, and 73% of US adults said a friendly customer service made them fall in love with a brand. Not only will the brand get happy, loyal customers, but it will see increased business.  With this in mind, the sector focus is clear: customer satisfaction. 

Dissatisfied customers

It is obvious to say that an unhappy customer is bad for business. Unhappy customers draw away from the company, shattering connections, and losing revenue permanently.

Most businesses may not realize that customers are dissatisfied with the company, caused by their numbers not routing optimally. A skillfully planned network routing should help to deliver the perfect customer experience, providing a quick and easy resolution to their query. However, network routing in the wider public network can be unpredictable, leading to poor service, endless frustration, and customer churn. 

By the time the business has figured out this problem, it may be too late. The customer has moved on, and it is always difficult to claim them back. Ensuring your customer’s needs are heard through your sales or support desk is essential.   

What does this mean? 

Increasing calls to a sales desk mean more revenue for the business, more satisfied customers and existing customers contributing more to business growth. A business with a secure connection and a healthy relationship with their customers promotes loyalty, and also creates brand evangelists, thus increasing revenue. 

For example, in financial services, a 5% increase in customer retention produces more than a 25% increase in profit. Why? Returning customers tend to buy more from a company over some time. As they do, the business’ operating costs to serve them to decline. What’s more, returning customers produce good word-of-mouth, while also upgrading to pay a premium to continue to do business with you rather than switch to a competitor.


The Spearline Solution

Thankfully, Spearline ensures that calls are routing optimally for customers, keeping them happy with your business. Businesses should be built around how to deliver excellent customer service, generating more revenue to grow. Spearline allows this to happen. 

Our team of experts in measuring and monitoring the customer experience will provide the tools that your business can use to ensure your network is supporting high-quality customer conversations, allowing you to grow. Spearline provides an early identification system, supporting a stronger network, generating satisfied customers, thus producing more revenue for your business.  

If you are new to Spearline and would like to find out more about how you can benefit from our worldwide network of servers and carriers to replicate your customers’ experience from start to finish, visit our page on automated testing. 

About us

Spearline is the leading network intelligence company in the telecommunications industry. Our platform enables enterprises and telecommunications service providers to test connectivity and quality on global telecoms networks, testing automatically at volume. If you are interested in benefiting from our platform, please get in touch with us.

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