Why test your numbers?

Check that your worldwide toll and toll-free numbers are live and operational...
On Wednesday 19 February 2014 by Kevin Buckley

Contact centres and conference companies are just two examples of businesses whose models are based on customers accessing their services via the telephone. However the system is engineered, whether through fixed lines or over the internet (or more likely through a combination of both) the most important criteria for the customer is that the number dialled works first time, every time and that the quality is first class so that whatever business he or she has to transact can be done quickly and effectively.


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Most companies expend a lot of effort on their servers and hardware but have little or no control or visibility on the most important link in the chain, their overseas toll or toll free number. That's where Spearline uDial, proDial and proDial Quality tests come in. Spearline has developed over the last four years a unique testing system which allows companies to test at any time, whether a number is live and also to test automatically the quality of the connection to that number in country.

The quality score resulting from the test highlights any problems in the chain of telecommunications infrastructure and any improvements made can be benchmarked against best results for that country. This is an immensely valuable tool for maintaining the highest standards of quality for your customers as well as being an invaluable tool for troubleshooting when problems arise.

Our test are explained fully in our easy to understand videos here



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