Whitepaper: Is voice latency impacting your business growth?

When a customer call suffers a poor connection it is a barrier to good conversation.
On Wednesday 03 July 2019 by Mike Palmer








ITU research carried out in 2003 states that a one-way delay of 400ms should not be exceeded for “general” network planning, however demanding interactive tasks such as speech can experience issues with one-way latency values of 150ms. Where latency reaches 500ms the ITU states that nearly all users are dissatisfied.

The Spearline platform provides advanced cloud-based monitoring and testing capabilities, helping many businesses ensure their global inbound and outbound communications channels support an exceptionally positive customer experience.

With physical points of presence in 65 countries (Jul 2019) and growing, connecting to and through both fixed line carriers and mobile phone operators, the platform generates test calls utilizing paths that the in-country customer does. Testing can focus on connection rates, audio quality, CLI presentation, DTMF capture, and a range of other aspects key to customer journey and contact center management.

Leveraging this platform’s global footprint, Spearline is uniquely positioned to consider the nature of latency observed on calls routing across a variety of infrastructures. The platform also allows evaluation of how attainable the ITU recommendations are in a real world scenario.

Our latest whitepaper seeks to characterise the state of today’s global network latency and the dynamic interplay of multiple carrier networks in varying geographical situations.   Download your copy today!