We've got you covered for in-country number dialling: 65 countries and counting!

We're continuing to grow our coverage for in-country automated testing - "Yassas" Cyprus!
On Wednesday 03 April 2019 by Caroline Leonard

"Yassas" Cyprus!

We're continuing to grow our coverage for in-country automated testing of your global contact numbers, with a raft of new countries in the pipeline for 2019. And the latest country added to the ever-growing list is Cyprus!

In-country testing 

The way we test contact numbers around the world is quite unique. We have our own proprietary network of servers, which are connected to standard telephone lines. Our SaaS model allows you to trigger test calls via that network, to your local toll or toll free contact number. So a real call is generated in-country, from a standard phone line, just as your customer would experience if they were calling you from that country.

Our Automated solution allows you to schedule those tests as frequently as needed - setting the hours your toll or toll free number operates, as well as how often you need to test it, depending on the priority of the contact number.

Through PSTN and mobile phone lines

We test through PSTN (traditional land line) phone lines and/or mobile phone lines. We recently added Cyprus to the list of countries we can test through PSTN - pushing us to 65 countries in total.


Our expanding global coverage 

We have big plans for 2019, in particular with a rollout of more mobile phone line testing, as well as increasing our coverage across Africa and the Middle East. 

If you're interested in finding out more, or you have a particular country you need to test toll free numbers from, please get in touch.