Testing the Waters - 1st Sports & Social Club Event

Our first event of the Sports & Social Club!
On Monday 07 September 2015

Testing the Waters.

Our first Spearline event was smooth sailing as we kayaked in the glowing Atlantic Ocean. Fortunately for Spearline, Skibbereen is home to the Atlantic Sea Kayaking. As we paired off by two, the adrenaline started to rise as it was for some, a first time with an oar in their hands. We were given our suits with instructions to follow and then left to discover the lovely Atlantic.


Our team bonding experience brought us all close together as we would “raft up” together, along with the occasional collision that was most often, but not always, an accident. The incredible view captured all of our attention, as well as Declan’s historical knowledge of what surrounded us. As the sky began to dim, we were comforted by the bio luminescence that lit the waters. As we continued our peaceful journey, we were stopped by the scenery that hung above us. We let the waves take us where they may, as we admired the beauty of the stars.

It is rare to experience such tranquility with the people you work beside. Spearline has discovered a way to balance creativity and hard work in such a way that stress is more a second thought than a struggle, and yet success is still the outcome.

When we pulled into shore and continued our night at Baby Hannah’s, the festive night continued as the company’s relationships grew. The new met the old and the old made new memories. Our first event was a success and was just the start of many to come...