Spearline Podcast | Season 2 Episode 3: The importance of operations during a crisis

This episode, Kees and Josh are co-hosted by Mike Palmer, speaking with Colman McCaffrey, Eimear Collins and Elijah Cass
On Thursday 18 June 2020 by Josh O'Farrell

In the newest episode of the Spearline Podcast, Kees and Josh are joined by Chief Marketing Officer Mike Palmer as a co-host!

In this episode we talked to Spearline’s Chief Of Operations - Colman McCaffrey, Procurement Manager - Elijah Cass and Service delivery manager Eimear Collins.

We chatted with them on how operations dealt with staff needing to work from home, the challenges they faced and how the working environment could be forever changed.

It makes for a great episode so jump right in!

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