Spearline offering 24/7 Support

Prompt and complete assistance to all our customers, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year...
On Thursday 16 October 2014 by Fiona Dixon

At Spearline, we understand that saving time is a crucial aspect of running a successful business therefore we’ve invested a lot to ensure you get the best experience possible. In just under 6 months, Spearline’s workforce has more than tripled to a team of 17. “Because we provide cloud based software solutions and telecommunication services, we operate in all time zones” says Kevin Buckley, Spearline CEO. “Our customers’ businesses are operating around the clock, so now, our does too. With the 24/7 Technical Support we can assure prompt and complete assistance to all our customers, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year”.


The “real-time” support is for customers availing of our uDial, ProDial and ProDial quality products, that encounter a technical issue and would like to address it immediately. Until recently, response to technical queries could take up to an hour. With a 7 person team now in place, Spearline are able to offer an immediate response to any issue in order to maintain our customers’ testing schedules.

Spearline 24/7 Technical Support team:

•    Check test results on an ongoing basis
•    Immediately deal with any issues to maintain schedules
•    Ensure all tests are handled and working correctly
•    Any fails are reported with detailed descriptions as they happen
•    Maintaining Spearline testing infrastructure
•    Monitor all queries and issues sent to support@spearline.com
•    Maintain and respond to Live Chat queries from www.spearline.com

Going 24/7 didn’t happen overnight. “Moving operations to 24/7 was a big jump in terms of logistics and costs. But with the number of tests carried out by Spearline on a daily basis continuing to grow and in order to better address our customers’ needs the move was an integral part of our company’s expansion” explains Matthew Lawlor, Spearline CTO.

The process began back in June with Matthew and Graham McCormick (Spearline, Junior Developer) overseeing all our customers’ technical issues. With an impressive 3 million Spearline tests behind them, the time was right to invest in a dedicated 24/7 team. Eugene, Maria and Noel joined Spearline back in July, with Andy and Sergei having just joined. Graham was tasked with providing the new recruits with concise and fully documented training. With his experience and structured approach to logging, monitoring and resolving issues, Graham has ensured that our 24/7 Technical Support team will address our customers’ technical issues quickly and professionally.

Talk to us today to learn more: info@spearline.com