Spearline launches inaugural Connect magazine

Today, Spearline launched the first edition of its magazine, Connect.
On Thursday 12 December 2019 by Orla Clancy
Spearline's Senior Graphic Designer, Kevin Corcorcan, Designer of Connect, and Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Orla Clancy, Editor of Connect.  Photo: Kees Hendrickx.




Today, Spearline launched the first edition of its magazine, Connect.  The technology company proactively monitors toll and toll-free (Freephone) numbers for connectivity and audio quality globally, and is headquartered in Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland.


Speaking at the magazine launch, Kevin Buckley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Spearline said: “The name Connect was chosen to reflect the essence of Spearline.  Simply put, we connect people around the globe; by making sure phone lines are up and running, for multinationals worldwide, with a growing team in four different locations.”


Matthew Lawlor, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), said: “Through the magazine, we communicate and connect with all of Spearline’s stakeholders.  Many readers will be interested in our new office openings, interviews with team members, awards we’ve won, or other company news and insights. More readers will enjoy articles about how we monitor issues that impact the telecoms industry.  Every reader will have a shared interest in connecting with each other through global communications.”


To request a print edition of Connect, email info@spearline.com.  Print editions will also be available at the Spearline headquarters on North Street, Skibbereen, Co Cork, Ireland during the Here to Stay open day on December 23, 2019.


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