Spearline has a new home!

It’s Spearline’s 15th Anniversary this year, and we gave ourselves a special birthday present - a new home!
On Friday 27 April 2018 by Caroline Leonard







It’s Spearline’s 15th Anniversary this year, and we gave ourselves a special birthday present - a new home! For the first time ever, we have a place to call our own, and we couldn’t be happier.

Our new offices are in the former St Fachtna’s De La Salle High School. Our CEO and co-founder Kevin is a past pupil of the school, as are many of our other employees, so it’s been an emotional reunion for many of us coming back to the old school.

Kevin has spoken before about how pleased he is to be able to keep our HQ in Skibbereen, a rural but entrepreneurial town in the far South West of Ireland. Having our own premises here now gives us a stable base to continue developing and growing the business, and we’re delighted to be a major contributor to job creation in the area.

We bought the property, comprising 1.25 acres and 3 buildings, in November 2017, and set to work renovating one of the buildings in February this year. They were ready to move into at the start of April, and these offices will be our temporary home while we begin work on the original school building, which we will move into early next year.

A bit of history for you….

The main building of the old school is something of a landmark here in Skibbereen, and is full of history. It was opened as a school during the Great Irish Famine (1845-52). Skibbereen was particularly hard hit by that tragic time in Ireland and the school featured in some of the literature of that time. For some 170 years the building remained an educational facility – until June 2016 when it closed its doors for the last time following the building of a new Community School in the town.

 Some before and after photos…

When we first took on the new premises late last year there seemed to be a mountain to climb to make them worthy of being called ‘Spearline HQ’.



The building we’re now occupying gives us 500m2 of floor space with bright open plan offices.





The original building has 1000m2 and will be renovated into a modern, fit-for-purpose office building over the following months, ready for us to move into in 2019.




We plan to make the new Spearline HQ as environmentally friendly as possible - we’ll be fitting photovoltaic solar panels for electricity generation and an air-sourced heat pump for heating, and installing external wall insulation and new windows to reduce our heat loss. The future is bright for Spearline and we're excited to see what lies ahead.