Spearline enhances Sweden cover adding mobile alongside fixed-line support

Sweden is the latest country to join Spearline mobile and is available for immediate testing
On Wednesday 16 September 2020 by Caroline Leonard


Welcome Sweden to Spearline mobile testing


Here at Spearline, our main goal is to replicate your customers' call experience with your organization. We are always working to ensure it is of the best quality.  Testing your numbers around the world needs global coverage, and we are getting closer to covering that scale.

We are delighted to announce that Sweden mobile is now certified, and is available for immediate testing. This means we can now check your numbers against one of the largest mobile network providers in Sweden - Telia.


6 fun facts about Sweden*

  • The land area of Sweden is the 4th largest in Europe, yet Sweden has the second lowest population per square kilometer in all of Europe.
  • Forests cover over 50% of Sweden, there are also around 100,000 lakes and over 24,000 islands throughout the country. Sweden's right to public access laws allows these areas to be fully accessible by the public.
  • There are approx 300, 000 - 400, 000 moose roaming freely in the woods.
  • While being part of the EU, Sweden has retained its own currency, the Krona.
  • Swedish music is one of the country’s largest exports. 
  • Currently, the Swedish Passport is ranked at number 3 in the world. The Swedish passport gives entry without a visa to 124 countries in the world. 


Find out more 

If you are interested in adding Sweden to your list of countries for mobile testing, please do not hesitate to contact your Spearline Customer Engagement Manager. Alternatively, please contact our 24/7 support team by email support@spearline.com, or phone +353 28 51460. 


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