Spearline Customer Support Team

One of the most significant additions to Spearline service has been the expansion of the customer support function
On Tuesday 07 June 2016

One of the most significant additions to Spearline service has been the expansion of the customer support function for its customers 24/7. This means that we are able to support our clients across all timezones whenever their tests are scheduled. Test results are viewed by our team in real time allowing them to react immediately a problem is reported and allows them where necessary to verify any inconsistencies to eliminate for instance, potential false positives.

Where the support team wish to establish that the test result is not a false positive or simply a one-off problem that is not repeated, they launch a re-testing protocol. They do this by re-testing the number manually to verify the result. There is an agreed protocol with the customer for the level of notification or escalation required depending on the fault seen. As each test carried out by us is recorded automatically, the customer support team (as well as the customer) can hear an audio recording of the test call to help determine at which point the fail occurs or to verify the reported fault.

For certain types of fails and in accordance with our customer SLAs, our customer support teams run “sticky jobs” to re-test a failing toll or toll-free number a designated number of times for instance to check whether a number is connecting. This ensures that where there is an intermittent fault Spearline can report on the percentage of times the call fails as well as the reason for the failure.

The support team can, again depending on the protocols agreed, raise tickets with the customer to ensure that they attend to the fixes needed immediately. For low performing numbers, at levels determined by the customer, they can opt to receive either email or telephone call automated alerts for mission critical numbers. The information collected and reported by the customer support team provides an important level of support to the customer in dealing with both internal and external clients when resolving issues.

The millions of tests previously undertaken by Spearline provide an important benchmark for quality and reliability especially when dealing with carriers. It means that Spearline can provide data  to illustrate when the service provided to one of our customers falls below acceptable standards and has not attained the level of quality that has been achieved by other customers in the same countries or regions. This benchmarking data is particularly useful when dealing with external providers who sometimes question either the methodology or equipment/technology used in the test. 

Benefits of Customer Support Team

- Round the clock support for testing as it takes place

- Immediate verification of faults as they occur

- Raising tickets with customers internal support teams

- Repeat testing for intermittent faults to quantify the scale of the problem

  • - Support for the customer in dealing with internal/external client resolution