Spearline Celebrates 3 million tests!

Spearline is delighted to announce that we have hit the three million test mark!
On Friday 10 October 2014 by Kevin Buckley

Spearline is delighted to announce that we have hit the three million test mark with the number of tests per day continuing to grow. Our very first tests were carried out in March 2008 when we were able to test five countries - USA, Canada, UK, France and Ireland.


Those early tests were carried out for an international global conferencing company who recognised the need to measure and improve the audio quality of their calls worldwide. The tests were designed from the ground up, in-house and have undergone countless iterations and upgrades since then.

The core purpose was to design a test which would measure the audio quality of a call to an internationally based toll or toll-free number using an in-country call. This is still our core business today but innovations in communications means that we are constantly evolving our products as customers look for solutions tailored to their specific circumstances.

Today, Spearline offer three different testing products called uDial, proDial and proDial Quality reflecting different levels of service according to the needs of our customers. Our customers are now based all over the globe in a wide variety of industries but they all require the same level of insight and service that a precision measurement of call audio quality gives them.

From five countries in 2008, we now have a local presence in forty! And our continued roll-out of new countries where we can offer tests will add another 40 new countries by 2016. For details of countries covered check our coverage page.

With a dataset of more than 3 million tests to call on, Spearline can authoritatively benchmark call quality for you and then identify and improve the areas which can cause problems both internally and externally. Call quality problems tend to be dynamic and vary over networks, countries, times of the day and days of the week, which is why in 2014 Spearline has launched its Managed Service to give support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


We love doing this job and with 3 million tests behind us, we know a bit about call quality testing. Why not get in touch for a free trial?