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There are many factors which can have an impact on audio quality, be a key challenge is transcoding.
On Thursday 07 March 2019 by Mika Wilson

There are many factors which can have an impact on audio quality, such as low gain (volume), clipping and audio distortions, but a key contributor to poor quality across the world is transcoding.

Transcoding is the compression of audio in order to reduce the bandwidth needed to conduct a call. While transcoding saves on bandwidth it does have an effect on audio quality.

When calls terminate internationally, the distance traversed is a factor, but excellent audio quality is still possible, as long as the carrier(s) handling the call are maintaining high quality audio codecs.

Where is the best telecoms performance globally?

In our recent whitepaper, the 2018 Global telecoms quality of service report, we highlighted some of the highest and lowest performing countries in the world for generating inbound voice calls.

We found that the best performing countries for connection rates were Germany, Slovakia and the UK, where connection rates remained excellent throughout 2018.

The best performing carriers in the world

Given that Germany, Slovakia and the UK are the best performing countries, the top performing carriers in those countries are effectively the superstars of global voice services… So who are they?

With consistently higher than average performance for both connection rates and audio quality, our pick of the best performing carriers are (in no particular order):

Colt, Orange and Tata

Consistently excellent service quality

Even in the best performing countries, we saw variations in connectivity rates and audio quality across different carriers. Continuous changes in the network environment impact stability and performance as technologies transition, and carrier partnerships and alliances evolve.

However, the above three carriers consistently delivered excellent performance throughout our testing in 2018 across all of the best performing countries.

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To read more of our insights on global telecoms performance, download our whitepaper, the 2018 Global telecoms quality of service report.