New Product Releases for 2018

Spearline Product Manager, Mick Gaffney, Gives Us A Preview of New Product Releases for 2018.
On Tuesday 23 January 2018 by Orla Cahalane









After an amazing 2017 we’re very excited for what’s to come in 2018, so we want to share with you, a little preview of the new product releases being launched in 2018.

We asked ourselves, ”how can we make it better for you as a customer?” How about full endpoint documentation for all our products.

An API (Application Programming Interface) will enhance your utilisation of our platform. Essentially it is a set of software functionality that can be consumed by your software programs, allowing you to use the full features and functionality of the Spearline Platform from the comfort of your own interface.

Our RESTful API provides your developers with the ability to create campaigns, add numbers,  time groups, export data for every test run, every day, every hour, every minute if that’s what you need to put your arms around your business.

But that’s not all… 2018 is going to be The Year of Data Analysis! Big data is here and we have plenty of it. We replicate call flows into your Inbound Contact Centre or Conference Hubs worldwide, every day, every hour, every minute...if you like.

We do this across PSTN, Mobile and SIP into and out of 63 countries worldwide, and as for big data….we have it! More than 50 million recordings of calls replicating the call flows of your customers using your service, your competitors service and in fact any telecoms service around the globe and what’s more we’re adding to it with 100,000s of tests each month.

The discrete range of metrics we monitor, enable you to manage pain points in real time and the sheer volume of data means...We are the Benchmark, We can Rank your Performance against Telecoms users across contact centres and conference hubs worldwide providing a benchmark of information globally.

Management reporting will provide you with the ability to know where you are against the benchmark in Country and globally. This is part of our service, and our commitment to you to enable you to identify and manage pain points on a global scale.

Spearline Certify enables a customer to have their numbers certified as being best in class, this is to become the Benchmark your Corporate Customers seek out to validate their choice in you as their partner. Spearline Certify qualifies your service as World Class Standard.

In the latter half of this year we will be looking at app developmentallowing you access to our platforms whilst on the move and we will be redefining the Ux so your feedback will be invaluable in how we  can improve and enhance our current service.

With these new product releases and much more in the pipeline we have a very busy, and exciting year ahead of us.

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