New Feature Alert! Audio Quality Map now on V5

Audio Quality scores are now available to view at a glance on our V5 dashboard!
On Tuesday 09 May 2017 by Orla Cahalane

We are always excited to bring new features to our clients that improve their experience with the Spearline platform! Today, those of you using V5 of our Automated Testing platform may have noticed a change to the Map View function on the dashboard.

Previously, Map View will have shown the countries currently in testing and highlighted in red any failure alerts or outages. Now, Map View also reflects the audio quality score of each country in line with the colours of the PESQ scale.

This means users can now check their PESQ scores by country at a glance.

Why is Audio Quality Important?

Poor Audio Quality often means a customer can’t complete the objective of the call. It has a negative effect on average call duration, customer experience and call abandonment rates for contact centres.

In digital networks, carriers also have the ability to transcode audio quality from excellent quality codecs like G711 to lower quality codecs such as G729 or GSM. Without Spearline Audio Quality testing, companies have no visibility of when this happens on their networks.

How does PESQ help?

PESQ is the ITU standard we use to measure Audio Quaity. It takes into consideration charachteristics such as audio sharpness, call volume, background noise, latency, clipping and audio interferance when generating an audio quality score. PESQ allows us to remove any ambiguity around our reporting and provide clients with a completely objective metric.

The CDR information we provide, along with the objective PESQ score allows our clients to more effectively manage SLA’s with carriers and make key routing descisions for infrastructure.

Audio Quality performance can also be benchmarked on a per country basis using Spearline data. This allows clients to view telephony performance in the context of the industry average.

Our new and improved Audio Quality view will make it easier for clients to use their PESQ score to affect change for their organisation. 

Let us know what you think!